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TRU will integrate sustainability across operation, engagement, academic, and governance practices.

Outcome 1

TRU's commitment to sustainability is evident in how it develops, operates and maintains its campuses and regional centres

STARS score (operations category: air & climate, buildings, energy, food & dining, grounds, purchasing, transportation, waste, and water) Prior year: 50.8
Current: 49.75

Outcome 2

Members of the TRU community are sustainability ambassadors on and off campus.

STARS score (engagement category: campus engagement and public engagement) Prior year: 36
Current: 39.12

Outcome 3

TRU is recognized as a leading academic institution advancing sustainability education and research.

STARS score (academic category: curriculum and research) Prior year: 37
Current: 53.7

Outcome 4

Sustainability is a core value in TRU's institutional and administrative framework

STARS score (planning and administration category: coordination & planning, diversity & affordability, investment, and wellbeing & work) Prior year: 22.09
Current: 24.36

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