Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Mission Fulfilment

TRU is charged with meeting the education and training needs of the region, and open learning needs of British Columbia. As stated in the Thompson Rivers University Act, the university must promote teaching excellence, engage in research and scholarly activities, and employ the use of open learning methods while offering baccalaureate and master’s degree programs, and adult basic education and training.

The university’s values and priorities are articulated in its mission statement:

TRU is a comprehensive, learner-centred, environmentally responsible institution that serves its regional, national, and international learners and their communities through high quality and flexible education, training, research, and scholarship.

The threshold of mission fulfilment is defined in terms of the four core themes which are derived from TRU’s mission statement and strategic priorities:

  • Intercultural understanding
  • Research
  • Student success
  • Sustainability

In spring 2018 the work of the core theme teams, largely representative of members of accreditation steering committee, transitioned to relevant standing committees of Senate. Details regarding the committees’ core theme evaluation and planning responsibilities, as referenced in the revised terms of reference, were approved at the April 23, 2018 meeting of Senate.

Standing Committee of Senate
Intercultural Understanding (a sub-committee of both Senate International Affairs and First Nations and Aboriginal Affairs)
Student Success (formerly Student Engagement)
Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee

Evaluation and planning for improvement

A review of the core themes in relation to mission fulfilment is conducted annually. Core theme teams prepare a written workbook which identifies, in light of the values of the indicators and the definition of mission fulfilment, how successful TRU was in fulfilling its mission for that core theme. The annual assessment process takes place during the spring and summer, culminating in an Institutional Mission Fulfilment Report that is shared through TRU's governance structure and posted publicly to this website.

The review involves three components: 1) analysis of the data collected for each outcome; 2) assessment of the value of each indicator in light of the Mission Fulfilment threshold; and 3) planning of services and programs related to the core theme for the following year.

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