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Mission Fulfilment

TRU is a comprehensive, learner-centred, environmentally responsible institution that serves its regional, national and international learners and their communities through high quality and flexible education, training, research and scholarship.

Core themes

The threshold of mission fulfilment is defined in terms of the four core themes derived from TRU’s mission statement and strategic priorities:

  • Intercultural Understanding
  • Research
  • Student success
  • Sustainability

2019 results


Undergrads participated in high-impact practices


People participated in events with Indigenous, intercultural and international content

$3.3 million

Tri-agency grants and external funding


Platinum rating (highest global rank)

Core theme Indicators measured Indicators achieved or minimally achieved Percentage achieved or minimally achieved
Intercultural understanding 3 (4)* 3 100%
Research 2 (4)* 2 100%
Student success 7 (10)* 4 57%
Sustainability 4 3 75%
Institutional mission fulfilment 18 (22)* 12 66.7%

*Note: Refers to the number of indicators measured for the 2019 reporting cycle in comparison to the total number of indicators articulated for the core theme.

Definition of mission fulfilment

TRU has defined mission fulfilment to be achieved when 70 percent of the indicators related to the outcomes for each core theme are “achieved” or “minimally achieved.”

The mission fulfilment framework is based on setting objectives, outcomes, indicators and mission fulfilment threshold ranges.

Evaluation and planning for improvement

The review involves three components:

  • Analysis of the data for each outcome.
  • Assessment of each indicator in light of the Mission Fulfilment threshold.
  • Planning of services and programs related to the core theme for the following year.

The following standing committees of Senate are responsible for reporting annually on mission fulfilment:

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