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TRU is committed to support you. To address the dynamic situation for the Fall 2020 semester for new students under these unforeseen circumstances, TRU World has been sending official updates which include many important and relevant points that will address your queries.

Please see below links to these official updates, communications and Town Hall Forums for new international students. 

TRU’s COVID-19 Response Website


Important! Update your Study Permit status

Your study permit status is critical for planning Fall 2020 and to complete your registration. Please make sure to keep us updated with key changes with your study permit status, including:

  • If you have applied for your study permit or
  • If you have received your study permit approval (in principle) or
  • If you have received your study permit approval



March 20, 2020 Update #1 – Update for Fall 2020 New Students
April 1, 2020 Town Hall Forum #1
May 1, 2020 Update #2 - Duolingo, Covid-19 related and other
May 7, 2020 Town Hall Forum #2
May 27, 2020 Update #3 – Getting started for September 2020
June 3, 2020 Update #4 – FAQs and Town Hall Forums
June 8, 2020 Town Hall Forum #3
June + July 2020 Updates #5 and 6 communicated directly with students
July 27, 2020 Update #7 – Update us with your study permit status
July 29, 2020 Town Hall Forum #5

Faculty Town Hall Recordings

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Faculty of Science

Faculty of Education and Social Work

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