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Get Medical Insurance

All TRU students are required to have proper medical insurance for their entire period of study in Canada.

Private Insurance (

  • We automatically enroll all students with insurance for the first 4 months in Canada.

Medical Service Plan (MSP) Insurance

  • We will help you complete an application for MSP insurance during orientation and will submit it on your behalf as well.

What if I have or want to bring my own insurance coverage?

  • If you have medical insurance coverage from any of the providers listed below, you can opt-out of medical insurance.

    • BC Medical Services Plan (BC MSP)
    • Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau - GWL
    • Canadian Bureau for International Education - CSF Plan
    • FrontierMedex - ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) Medical Insurance
    • Bi-lateral Exchange students with coverage provided by their Home Institution (example: Australian Universities)
    • Bi-lateral Exchange students with coverage provided by the government of their home country (example: Government of Austria)

The website where you can opt-out will be provided in your welcome email from your International Student Advisor. 


  • Please note that no other medical insurance policy will be accepted for opting out of medical insurance. Send an email to if you have any questions regarding this.

  • If you are registered in any of the programs listed below AND have to take a field course, you will need to purchase additional insurance coverage because insurance specifically excludes some high risk activities. Click HERE for more information:
    • Adventure Sport Certificate
    • Adventure Management Diploma
    • Adventure Guide Diploma
    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Adventure Studies

Extended Health & Dental Insurance (through TRU Student Union)

  • It is mandatory for students enrolled in 9 credits or more (Fall semester only)
  • Exchange students and visiting students who are studying for only one semester are opted out. 
  • The fee is charged to your TRU account. 
  • It covers you from September 1 to August 31 each year.
  • Information: 



  • Single - $248.00 

  • Spouse/Partner Add-On (one additional person) - $286.00

  • Family Add-On (more than one additional person) - $382.00

Opting Out: If you already have extended health and dental coverage through another provider, you are able to apply to be opted out of the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan:

Opting In:
The following students have to opt-in if they want coverage under the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan
  • Winter semester students

  • Summer semester students

  • Exchange and visiting students

  • Students who previously opted out

  • Dependents of the above

Keep in mind that if you opt-in to the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan you are not automatically enrolled every year and you will need to opt-in manually again in the following year to maintain your coverage.

In order to opt-in to the TRUSU Health and Dental program you must come to the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building (located in the Campus Activity Centre). You will need to complete a Health and Dental Opt-In Form and pay the health and dental fee.