Student Parking

Pay parking resumed Sept. 1, 2020 and is currently in effect.

Four types of parking permits

First-come first-served, Lot N, NT, XT and Z (formerly UCH)

Daily permits
Half-day ($3, N only) or all-day ($4) from lot dispensers or PayByPhone

Long-term permits
$200 per semester through e-Permit to your credit card

If you park 5 days/week, the semester permit is $2.50/day

Like being prepared? You can check Lot N Availability on the TRU Go App before you head to campus.

First-come first-served, any general lot (E, H, J, M, T1, T3 and W)

Daily permits
All-day ($5) from lot dispensers or PayByPhone

Long-term permits
$250 per semester billed through e-Permit to your credit card

If you park 5 days/week, the semester permit is $3.13/day

Guaranteed, specific lot only (A3, B, C, D2, L1, S, T2 or V1)

Daily permits

Long-term permits 
$75 per month billed monthly to your credit card.

If you park 5 days/week, the semester permit is $3.75/day


How to purchase from Impark: Check the Premium lot map above and note the name of the lot you want to park in.

Go to the Impark Monthly Parking website and follow these steps:

1. Log into your existing Impark account (use temporary password Welcome if you forgot your password) or create a new account. Then from the red menu bar, click on Sign-Up.

2. Enter “Thompson Rivers University” in the Lot Search field. From the list of TRU parking lots, select your desired lot and click Lot Details. Double-check that the details match the lot you want. Due to the unusual circumstances, there will be no lottery as the lots will not be full.

3. Click the red Buy Parking button. At the bottom of the page, review the permit descriptions carefully—there will be one semester, two semester, annual rates and "Student" options. Choose the permit you want and click Select.

4. Complete the application form. NOTE: On the Delivery Options screen, you MUST select the “Mail” option. All permits will be mailed directly to you. They will NOT be delivered to the Parking Office.

5. Provide your credit card information. If you purchase a semester pass, your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis. It will be your responsibility to cancel your parking for any reason. No refunds will be issued if you fail to cancel your monthly pass. The credit card payment method will replace staff payroll deduction until further notice.

Check your email for confirmation of your sign-up (and your receipt if you paid up front).



Share the costs of commuting and parking—find a carpool buddy through TRU Rideshare, a free online app. Learn more

You can also register an additional vehicle on your long-term parking permit—whether it's economy, general, premium or reserved—so you and your carpool buddy can take turns driving if you wish. (Just make sure you transfer your permit between vehicles when you switch—and call the Parking Office if you leave it behind.) Email the Parking Office with the vehicle's licence plate and model to register.

Discount for students living outside Kamloops Transit service

If you live outside the Kamloops Transit area, and have opted out of the TRUSU UPASS, you may qualify for a 20 percent UPASS parking discount on semester and annual parking permits.

Once you’ve confirmed you are opted out of the UPASS, bring your receipt for your semester or annual parking permit to the TRU Parking Office in the Bookstore. The Parking Office will verify your UPASS status and give you the 20 percent discount for the permit you purchased. Applications for the discount on fall, winter, and summer semester permits are due Sept. 30, Jan. 31, May 31, respectively.

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