Women Exploring Trades

This program allows women to participate in six different Red-Seal trade areas throughout the program:

Automotive Technician Instrumentation Technician
Carpentry Piping
Construction Craft Worker Power Engineering
Culinary Arts Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Electrical Welding
Heavy Duty Mechanics Essential Skills
Industrial Mechanic Work Readiness Skills

(Programming is subject to change.)

In each of these areas, the candidates are taught essential skills along with related safe work practices while participating in practical and theoretical labs. All classes are taught by TRU staff who hold Red Seal certification in the trade and have many years of industry experience. There is a limit of 16 students per class.

The goal is to allow successful candidates the opportunity to further enrol into a trades foundation or apprenticeship program and/or become employed as a registered apprentice in British Columbia.

Course length

13-week program

February 18, 2020 - May 15, 2020 Kamloops Campus

12- week program

April 6, 2020 - June 26, 2020 Merritt Campus

May 4, 2020 - July 24, 2020 Barrierre Campus


Admission requirements

The Program may be right for you if you are:

  • Canadian Citizen, permanent resident or protected person (under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, S.C. 2001, c. 27) legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • Living in British Columbia
  • Not a full-time student (not enrolled in a high school or post-secondary training)
  • Not actively participating in another provincially or federally funded labour market program, and
  • whose employment status is:
    • Unemployed, or working less than 20 hours per week, or
    • Precariously employed- meaning an individual who does not meet the definition of unemployed, but who:
    • is working in unstable or unsustainable employment (including self-employment) as evidenced by:
      • unreliable remuneration (such as piece work or commision) and/or
      • irregular hours of work (such as casual labour or on-call work);
      • earnings that cannot support an individual or their family; or
    • is working, but has a total of employment (including self- employment) income that is below market basket measures set out by Statistics Canada (speak to program service providers for further details) or refer to https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/start
    • is working in an industry or occupation that is likely to be replaced by technology or automation in the near future;
    • is working in an occupation or profession that is clearly lower than their skills or qualifications and that provides no imminent prospects of advancement; or has Just Cause for leaving their current employment (speak to a program service provider for further details regarding Just Cause).

Application process

Once you have determined eligibility, email the following to witt@tru.ca 

We will be accepting applications for the upcoming Women in Trades Exploratory program in late fall 2019. Updates will be posted on the page as dates are finalized.

  • A Recent Resume
  • One-page written essay: Describe why you would like to participate in the program.

Support available

Paid tuition, books, tools, personal protective equipment, and bus pass or parking may be available.

Email your completed application package to witt@tru.ca