Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the difference between an apprenticeship and foundation (trade entry) training?

Apprenticeship programs provide the knowledge and skills required of a certified tradesperson. These programs involve a combination of work-based training and technical training leading to a provincial and/or national industry training credential. Apprenticeship programs vary in length, though most take about 4 years to complete.

The Foundation (formerly known as Trade Entry) program provides the knowledge and skills needed for entry into an industry occupation and may precede entry into an apprenticeship program. Foundation programs involve minimal employment-based training and vary in length.

 How do I apply for apprenticeship technical training?

Once you have your ITA Individual ID number, to sign up for a class, place your name on the Apprentice Waitlist Form.

 How do I apply for Youth Train in Trades Foundation training?

For more information, visit Youth Train in Trades, or call Dwayne at 250-852-7187 or email

 How do I become indentured as an apprenticeship?

You or your employer can print the Apprentice and Sponsor Registration Form from the Industry Training Authority website. Completed agreements are sent to ITA Customer Service. You will receive confirmation of your registration and a tradeworker identification number through the mail.

 Do I receive EI benefits while I am taking the technical training portion of my apprenticeship?

Yes, you will receive EI benefits. For detailed information please contact Employment Insurance office: 1-800-206-7218.

 When do my marks arrive after I have taken my technical training?

Your marks/transcripts will be sent to you by the Industry Training Authority.

 How many hours do I need to work before taking the next level of apprenticeship?

The required hours varies between trades, visit the Industry Training Authority and the information will be in the Trade Profile.