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Faculty and Staff


To provide the highest quality instruction and innovative training, in a student focused environment, based on current research practice that meets regional, provincial, national, and international needs in the areas of Trades, Technology, and Baccalaureate programs.


Our practice focuses on the learner while providing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for our students to be distinguished leaders in society and the global work force.

Dean - Trades and Technology Baldev Pooni 250-828-5110
Program Delivery Manager Carey Miggins 250-828-5124
Chairperson Peter Poeschek 250-828-5113
Chairperson Thomas Haag 250-828-5119
Administrative Assistant Jaclyn Hellquist 250-828-5207
T and T Office Assistant Dawn Fielding 250-371-5797
Manager, Industry and Contract Training Heather Hamilton 250-371-5658
Continuing Studies Coordinator Marie Weisbeck 250-828-5106
Apprenticeship Coordinator Jackie Enders 250-371-5659
Foundation Programs Vera Mazzei 250-828-5046
Partnership Transitions Coordinator Dwayne Geiger 250-852-7187
Driver Training Manager - Contractor Ray Trenholm 250-371-5817
Women in Trades Coordinator      
Women in Trades RBC Coordinator Meghan Low 778-471-8365
Specific Purpose Project Officer    Madison McGregor 250-828-5109
Construction Trades
Chairperson Peter Poeschek 250-828-5113
Carpentry Instructor Bryce Coombs 250-371-5663
Carpentry Instructor Tim Kasten 250-371-5655
Carpentry Instructor Tully Journeay 250-377-6184
Electrical Instructor Amie Schellenberg 250-377-6124
Electrical Instructor Ben Lovely 250-828-5108
Electrical Instructor Brian Ward 250-371-5810
Electrical Instructor Dana McIntyre 250-377-6094
Electrical Instructor Gerry Sherk 250-371-5782
Electrical Instructor Jason Dabner 250-377-6096
Electrical Instructor Mike Finch 250-377-6091
Electrical Instructor Mike Turley 778-471-8386
Electrical Instructor Peter Poeschek 250-828-5113
Electrical Instructor Kevin Bacon 250-377-6037
Electrical Instructor Jason Schapansky 250-371-5811
Electrical Instructor -
Williams Lake and Kamloops
Randy Underwood 250-392-8000
Electrical Instrumentation Instructor Michael Chen 250-828-5115
Horticulture Kevin Scollon 250-828-5181
Horticulture Ernest Phillips 250-828-5180
Plumbing Instructor Pat Barringer 250-828-5136
Plumbing Instructor Paul Simpson 250-852-6394
Tool Room - Construction David Roos 250-371-5693
Tool Room - Construction Wayne Lakusta 250-371-5693
Tool Room - Williams Lake John Brown 250-392-8122
Water Treatment Coordinator Satwinder Paul 250-371-5955
Water Treatment Program Support Julie Walshaw 250-852-6862
Chairperson Thomas Haag 250-828-5119
Automotive Instructor John Wrigley 250-828-5122
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Ryan Munden  250-377-6106
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Darren Watt 250-828-5129
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Lyle Hirowatari 250-828-5130
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Brad Kozubski 250-377-6106
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Kyle Doiron 250-852-7942
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Lloyd Babcock 250-828-5469
Heavy Mechanical Trades Instructor -
Williams Lake
Mike Shields 250-392-8120
Millwright Instructor Carl Burton 250-376-1272 ext. 405
Millwright Instructor Shane Schooling 250-376-1272 ext. 405
Tool Room - Mechanical Alfie Butt 250-828-5128
Welding Apprenticeship,
Testing and Upgrading Instructor
Larry Franzen 250-377-6109
Welding Instructor -
Williams Lake
Bruce Jenkins 250-392-8121
Welding Instructor James McCarthy 250-828-5105
Welding Instructor John Sutton 250-377-6159
Welding Instructor - Mobile Training Unit Michael Grainger 250-315-3386
Welding Instructor Steve Senger 250-371-5907