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Useful Links

Below are useful links from the Government of BC and other sources:

Resources From the British Columbia Government

BC Ministry of Health Services, Public Health Protection
  • Drinking Water Program
BC Government - Land and Resource Data Warehouse
Mapping information on Land and Natural Resources (Fresh water and marine):
  • Community Watersheds
  • Aquifer Demand
  • Aquifer Productivity
  • Aquifer Vulnerability
  • Hydrometric Stations
  • Points of Diversion
  • Well Capture Zones
  • Water Wells
BC Centre for Disease Control
  • services to control communicable disease and promote environmental health.
  • public health and reference microbiology tests - water bacteriology, detection of waterborne protozoa, outbreak detection/management.

Resources From Other British Columbia Organizations

BC Water and Waste Association
  • info in all fields related to water and wastewater.
  • affiliated with AWWA, WEF (see above)
  • publications on different aspects of water system operation.
Water Supply Association of B.C.
The Water Supply Association of B.C. will represent the interests of local and regional water suppliers by providing general information, education, government lobbying, representation when dealing with government and non-government organizations, and active participation in water supply issues.

Other Drinking Water Resources

Sask H2O
The Sask H2O Website is a Government of Saskatchewan publication that brings together information about water from all the different governmental services in that province. The Website includes and extensive library of fact sheets on drinking water.

Canadian Water Quality Association
  • educates water quality professionals
  • promotes the growth of the water quality improvement industry

Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

Water - Source - Operator Training and Certification - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
This Government of Canada Website provides links to sources of information on drinking water and wastewater operator training.

Ontario Water Works Association

The InfraGuide Website includes information on innovations and best practices on a variety of topics including potable water.

Montana Water Center
The Website of the Montana Water Center at Montana State University, Bozeman, is an excellent resource of current information on drinking water. You will find a link to training CDs under the Publications section of the Website. Two CDs of note are Operator Basics 2005 and Sanitary Survey Fundamentals, both of which can be downloaded from their site if you have a fast Internet connection. You can also order the CD versions from the Website.

American Water Works Association
  • leading provider of information, standards and education.
  • Small Systems Resource Center has links organized by topic for water sources, treatment, storage, distribution, etc.
Water Environment Federation
Water Environment Federation is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with members from varied disciplines who work toward the WEF vision of preservation and enhancement of the global water environment.
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