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Maintenance Schedule

A sample maintenance schedule for a small water system is shown below. The requirements will vary with the type and complexity of the water system, so a schedule should be customized to suit the system.

Tasks can be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal repeats. For example:

Daily Tasks

  • Check water meter readings and record water use.
  • Check and record water level indicators in reservoir/storage tanks.
  • Check and record chlorine level in the distribution system.
  • Inspect chemical feed pumps for proper operation.
  • Inspect well pumps, motors, pressure gauges, and controls. Record well pump running times and pump cycle starts.
  • Record and investigate customer complaints.
  • Inspect heater operation during winter months.

Weekly Tasks

  • Inspect chlorine testing equipment.
  • Check chemical solution tanks and record use.
  • Clean pump house and grounds.
  • Make sure fire hydrants are accessible.
  • Record pumping rate for each well or source water pump.
  • Inspect pump house plumbing for leaks.
  • Take bacteriological sample in for testing (required testing frequency may vary — check with your local health authority).

Monthly, Seasonal, or Annual Tasks

  • Take and record electrical meter readings at pump house.
  • Inspect well head or intake structure.
  • Inspect reservoir.
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