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Help & Advice

It’s important to know that help is available when you are constructing, repairing, or operating your water system. Make sure you use these resources when you need them—don’t get in over your head.

The key is to recognize when you need help and to ask for it.

Associations, Government Ministries, and Agencies:

  • American Water Works Association
  • BC Centre for Disease Control
  • BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
  • BC Ministry of Environment, Water, Air and Climate Change Branch of the Environmental Protection Division
  • BC Water and Waste Association
  • Canadian Water Quality Association
  • Health Canada, Health Protection Branch, Environmental Health Division
  • Land and Water BC, Water Management Branch
  • Public Health Agency of Canada, Centre for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
  • Public Health offices
  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • US Environmental Protection Agency

Close to Home

  • Training: opportunities range from formal courses offered at educational institutions to your own research at a library or on the Internet.
  • Peers: ask your peers for assistance or advice, and draw upon others’ experiences with a similar issue.
  • Technical Consultants: Professional engineers or biologists may assist you with more complex issues.
  • Material and Equipment Suppliers: Material and equipment suppliers can help you find the materials and equipment that you need.
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