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WaterSafe FAQ

What is WaterSafe about?

WaterSafe provides the basic information needed to be an effective supplier of water and to receive a WaterSafe certificate for small water systems. It introduces the core concepts of small water systems and describes water system owner and operator responsibilities.WaterSafe explains how to keep water clean and safe in order to prevent health problems related to water system operation and maintenance.

Why should small water system owners and operators take the WaterSafe?

The goal of the WaterSafe course is to provide operators with current, practical information to ensure reliable delivery of safe drinking water. WaterSafe also familiarizes operators with the testing and reporting required by the Ministry of Health.

Who needs to obtain WaterSafe certification?

It is a good idea to obtain certification if you are the operator of a small water system; that is an owner or operator responsible for a system that serves up 500 individuals during a 24 hour period. This includes those who deliver water in tanker trucks.This is not currently required, but it is recommended. Certification is included with successful completion of the WaterSafe course.

Where can I take WaterSafe?

WaterSafe is available from Thompson Rivers University as a distance course. You can take it in print or online and you can register by phone or by email.

How much does it cost to take WaterSafe?

The course fee for WaterSafe is $147, payable on registration.

What is meant by a small water system?

A small water system is one which delivers drinking water to up 500 individuals within a 24 hour period.For example, there are small water systems in small communities, trailer parks, campsites, service stations, guide-outfitter hunting and fishing camps, and temporary facilities for housing workers.

How do I take a distance course?

Once you have registered for WaterSafe, you will receive a printed course package in the mail. All the instructions for completing the course are included.You will also receive a web address (URL), a user name and password, should you wish to take this course online, or to simply access the online resources. But the choice is yours, whether you use only the print material, only the online material or a combination, you will have all the information you need to successfully complete the course.The advantage of a distance course is that you can take it in your own home when it's convenient for you.