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Who needs this course?

If you operate or are the owner of a water system that serves up to 500 people over a 24 hour period then you are a small water system operator and will benefit from this course. You could be a trailer park operator or the owner of a seasonal campground, or you could be a water hauler who delivers water in a tanker.

How does the course work?

You will receive an email from the Program Assistant in the Water and Wastewater Technology program with instructions for completing the course. The course is accessed through Moodle, a URL will be included in the instructions. Should you wish to complete this course in print, a course syllabus will be mailed to you.

There is approximately six hours of course work (including the exam.) You decide how you work through the course; print only, web only, or a combination of the two.

The exam, at the end of the course, consists of 50 multiple choice questions. A successful completion mark is 70% and qualifies you for WaterSafe Certification.

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