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WaterSafe (XWTP 0200) is a course of basic instruction for owners and operators of small water systems. It provides critical information about water sources, water monitoring, treatment, storage and distribution, and the responsibilities of small water system owners and operators. Successful completion of this course includes WaterSafe certification.

Many British Columbians rely on small water systems for their drinking water. Informed, well trained water system operators play a vital role in helping to keep water safe to drink.

Courses and Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions from prospective students.

Information for Operators

Solutions to problems you face as a small system operator.

Info for Water Users

You too can be WaterSafe.

Everyone is a water user. Most of us in BC get our water from a convenient tap inside our homes. Now, with growing pressure on our supply of water, we are quite sensibly paying more attention to where it comes from and how it reaches us.

Informed, well trained water system owners and operators play a vital role in helping to conserve our water and keep it safe to drink. But we can help.

Register to take the WaterSafe course and be well trained and informed as well.

Keep an eye on these pages as we continue to grow. Is there anything you'd like to know about drinking water safety and small water systems? We'd like to hear from you — please send us an email.

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