Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Faculty and Staff

Dean - Trades and Technology    Baldev Pooni 250-828-5110
Program Delivery Manager Carey Miggins 250-828-5124
Chairperson Peter Poeschek 250-828-5113
Chairperson Thomas Haag 250-828-5119
Administrative Assistant Jaclyn Hellquist 250-828-5207
T and T Office Assistant Dawn Fielding 250-371-5797
Manager, Industry and Contract Training Heather Hamilton 250-371-5658
Continuing Studies Coordinator Marie Weisbeck 250-828-5106
Apprenticeship Jackie Enders 250-371-5659
Foundation Programs Vera Mazzei 250-828-5046
Partnership Transitions Coordinator Dwayne Geiger 250-852-7187
Driver Training Manager - Contractor Ray Trenholm 250-371-5817
Women in Trades Coordinator Kerry Gairdner 250-828-5121
Women in Trades RBC Coordinator Meghan Low 778-471-8365
Specific Purpose Project Officer    Kimberly Eichhorn 250-828-5109
Construction Trades
Chairperson Peter Poeschek 2 50-828-5113
Carpentry Instructor Bryce Coombs 250-371-5663
Carpentry Instructor Tim Kasten 250-371-5655
Carpentry Instructor Tully Journeay 250-377-6184
Electrical Instructor Amie Schellenberg 250-377-6124
Electrical Instructor Ben Lovely 250-828-5108
Electrical Instructor Brian Ward 250-371-5810
Electrical Instructor Dana McIntyre 250-377-6094
Electrical Instructor Gerry Sherk 250-371-5782
Electrical Instructor Jason Dabner 250-377-6096
Electrical Instructor Mike Finch 250-377-6091
Electrical Instructor Mike Turley 778-471-8386
Electrical Instructor Peter Poeschek 250-828-5113
Electrical Instructor Kevin Bacon 250-377-6037
Electrical Instructor Jason Schapansky 250-371-5811
Electrical Instructor -
Williams Lake and Kamloops
Randy Underwood 250-392-8000 250-377-6091
Electrical Instrumentation Instructor Hugh (Max) Tinsley 250-828-5137
Horticulture Kevin Scollon 250-828-5181
Horticulture Ernest Phillips 250-828-5180
Plumbing Instructor Steve Hegyi 250-377-6112
Plumbing Instructor Chris Pfaff 250-852-6388
Plumbing Instructor Pat Barringer 250-828-5136
Plumbing Instructor Paul Simpson 250-852-6394
Tool Room - Construction David Roos 250-371-5693
Tool Room - Construction Wayne Lakusta 250-371-5693
Tool Room - Williams Lake John Brown 250-392-8122
Water Treatment Coordinator Satwinder Paul 250-371-5955
Water Treatment Program Support Julie Walshaw 250-852-6862
Chairperson Thomas Haag 250-828-5119
Automotive Instructor John Wrigley 250-828-5122
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Ryan Munden  250-377-6106
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Darren Watt 250-828-5129
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Lyle Hirowatari 250-828-5130
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Brad Kozubski 250-377-6106
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Kyle Doiron 250-852-7942
Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Instructor Lloyd Babcock 250-828-5469
Heavy Mechanical Trades Instructor -
Williams Lake
Mike Shields 250-392-8120
Millwright Instructor Carl Burton 250-376-1272 ext. 405
Millwright Instructor Shane Schooling 250-376-1272 ext. 405
Tool Room - Mechanical Alfie Butt 250-828-5128
Welding Apprenticeship, 
Testing and Upgrading Instructor
Larry Franzen 250-377-6109
Welding Instructor -
Williams Lake
Bruce Jenkins 250-392-8121
Welding Instructor James McCarthy 250-828-5105
Welding Instructor John Sutton 250-377-6159
Welding Instructor - Mobile Training Unit Michael Grainger 250-315-3386
Welding Instructor Steve Senger 250-371-5907