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Congratulations to the winners in the 2019 Skills Canada Competitions!

TRU's 4 Gold Medalists are heading to Halifax for the Nationals May 27-31, 2019

2019 Provincial Skills Canada Competition

April 17, 2019 — TRADE-EX, Abbotsford, BC

Maik Stuermer Carpentry (PS) GOLD
Mathew Chaklinski Electrical Wiring (PS) SILVER
Calvin Skjeie Heavy Equipment Service (PS) GOLD
Jordan Brown Plumbing (PS) GOLD
Gavin Coxon Plumbing (PS) SILVER
Aidan Gow Welding (PS) GOLD

2019 Regional Cariboo Skills Canada Competition

March 8, 2019 — Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC

Trevor Davis Automotive (Post Secondary) TRU GOLD
Mike Humphrey Automotive (Post Secondary) TRU SILVER
Colton Despot Automotive (Secondary) Westsyde Secondary BRONZE
Marcus Abraham Cabinet Making (Secondary) South Kamloops Secondary GOLD
Jeremy Stock Cabinet Making (Secondary)   SILVER
Eric Thibault Cabinet Making (Secondary) South Kamloops Secondary BRONZE
Marty LeBourdias Carpentry (Secondary) Norkam SILVER
Maik Stuermer Carpentry (PS) TRU GOLD
Wyatt MacDonald Carpentry (PS) TRU SILVER
Olivia Wilson Culinary (Secondary) Valleyview GOLD
Gabrielle Boucher Culinary (Secondary) TRU SILVER
Matrix Goodfellow Culinary (Secondary) TRU BRONZE
Mathew Chwaklinski Electrical Wiring (PS) TRU GOLD
John Collins Electrical Wiring (PS) TRU SILVER
Dan Hrybyk Electrical Wiring (PS) TRU BRONZE
Teagan Cranston Gravity Vehicle Vermillion Forks GOLD
Olivia Vander Gulick  Gravity Vehicle   GOLD
Miranda Frost Gravity Vehicle   GOLD
Kira Simpson Gravity Vehicle   SILVER
Braden Northway Gravity Vehicle   SILVER
Sacha Munro Gravity Vehicle Eagle River SILVER
Chris Ortwein Gravity Vehicle Vermillion Forks BRONZE
Noah Jensen Gravity Vehicle   BRONZE
Tyler Rubis Gravity Vehicle   BRONZE
Drayden Ross Gravity Vehicle   BRONZE
Calvin Skjeie Heavy Duty (PS) TRU GOLD
Robert Tolhurst Heavy Duty (Post-Secondary) TRU SILVER
Freddy Epp Heavy Duty (Secondary) TRU BRONZE
Gavin Coxon Plumbing (Secondary) TRU GOLD
Jordan Brown Plumbing (Secondary) TRU SILVER
Chloe Jensen    Potential Energy Vehicle Vermillion GOLD
Damen Prowse  Shaghetti Bridge Eagle River GOLD
Damian Rivait Spaghetti Bridge Eagle River GOLD
Matteo Bunbury Spaghetti Bridge Eagle River GOLD
Azlyn Brewer Spaghetti Bridge Vermillion Forks SILVER
Kabrie Hartwell Spaghetti Bridge Vermillion Forks SILVER
McKinley Forde Spaghetti Bridge Vermillion Forks SILVER
Brandon Greenlaw Spaghetti Bridge Eagle River BRONZE
Nash Rutherford Spaghetti Bridge Eagle River BRONZE
Mason Larsen Spaghetti Bridge Eagle River BRONZE
Kayden Klassen Spaghetti Bridge Eagle River BRONZE
Aidan Gow Welding (Post-Secondary) TRU GOLD
Jordan Purcha Welding (Post Secondary) TRU  SILVER
Cody Hurst Welding (Post-Secondary) TRU BRONZE
Caleb Tomilin Welding (Secondary) TRU GOLD
Buzz Stroesser Welding (Secondary) TRU SILVER
  Welding (SEcondary) Merritt Secondary BRONZE

Try a Trade

 What is Try-A-Trade?

Try-A-Trade is sponsored by the TRU School of Trades and Technology. It is an opportunity for area youth to practice some of the hands-on skills used on a daily basis by automotive technicians, cabinet makers, carpenters, electricians and welders.

These events, for students from Grades 6 to 9, are held in conjunction with The Cariboo Regional Skills and Cariboo Junior Skills Competitions in The Trades and Technology Centre at Thompson Rivers University.

Skills Canada and Skills Canada BC believe that allowing students to use the tools-of-the-trade under direct supervision of qualified tradespeople is the best way to encourage youth to pursue a career in trades and technologies.

Students participating in Try-A-Trade will also witness students competing in 7 trades that make up The Cariboo Regional Skills Competition and 4 challenging competitions that make up the Cariboo Junior Skills Competition.

Areas where interested youth may Interact with tools and equipment will be available for the following trades:

  • Automotive
  • Heavy Duty Mechanics
  • Woodworking
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Piping
  • Welding
 Where and when does Try-A-Trade held?

The Try-A-Trade is held in the Trades and Technology Centre at TRU in Kamloops on Friday, March 8, 2019.

 How do students register to take part in the competition?

There is no need to register in advance. A completed waiver form MUST accompany each student if they are to participate in Try-A-Trade.

 Where and when do I check-in for the competition?

Try-A-Trade will be held on the main floor of the Trade and Technology Centre. Follow the signs.

 What time does Try-A-Trade start?

The 2017 Try-a-Trade event will run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 8, 2019.

 Is Try-A-Trade dangerous? Am I likely to be hurt?

Each event will be supervised by a competent tradesperson. The chance of injury is slight. A completed waiver form MUST accompany each student if they are to participate in Try-A-Trade.


For more information on Skills Canada competitions and TRU Try-A-Trade, please contact:

Pat Barringer
Cariboo Regional Skills and TRU Try-A-Trade Coordinator

Note: Teachers and parents should visit Scope Documents for important details.

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