Resources from Past Programs


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YearThemeKeynote Speakers
2021 Teaching and Learning without Walls Dr. Bonnie Stewart and Dave Cormier
2020 Celebrating 50 Years of Teaching and Learning at TRU Dr. Dorothy Christian
2019 Adventures in Teaching Cale Birk
2018 Reaching Through Teaching Jin-Sun Yoon (윤진선)
2017 Students of Today and Tomorrow    Dr. Veselin Jungic
2016 Building Connections, Strengthening Relationships: The Art and Science of Teaching Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani
2015 Igniting the Spark in Teaching and Learning Dr. Billy Strean
2014 Beyond the Boundaries: 21st Century Education Dr. Russell Hunt
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2013 Teaching and Learning in Multiple Modalities Linda B. Nilson  
2012 High Impact Practices (HIPS) Dr. Connie Varnhagen 
2011 Igniting the Passion to Learn: Exploring the Roots of Student Motivation and Engagement Dr. Frank Robinson
2010 Scholarly Teaching Across the Disciplines Dr. Eileen Herteis
2009 Learning Local--Going Global Dr. Sheryl Bond
2008 The Heart of Teaching Dr. Marty Wall
2007 Making It Real Dr. Dan Pratt  

Teaching Perspectives Inventory
2006 Teaching Practices Colloquium Dr. Gary Poole
2005 Teaching Practices Colloquium