Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Tourism Management (AKA TMAN) department at TRU.

What is tourism you may ask? Well, there is an official definition of course that explains it as travel outside of one’s normal environments for many different reasons. But really, and more increasingly, it’s about the creating, planning, delivering, and consuming of experiences, whether you are the provider (tourism professional) or the consumer (tourist).

Think about the difference between visiting Paris and choosing either to buy the Eiffel Tower keychain or to have a romantic bistro dinner for two on the top deck in the middle of July. Which would you choose?

Tourism is a rapidly growing industry and already one of the largest in British Columbia and Canada and, indeed, the world. When traditional industries falter and economies slow down, the first response is always ‘let’s do tourism’. We invite you to do the same and come join us in studying the what, why, and how of tourism management. Tourism is a diverse industry that involves the provision of tourism services (food, drink, accoms, transport) but equally important is that it can also be inward looking and ask questions about ethics and sustainability and equality. We here at TMAN are very careful to be sure we strike the right balance between the two.

You can’t travel without moving and you can’t move without travelling. And that’s what makes it so dynamic and important as a social-cultural phenomenon. However, you can also look at tourism through all kinds of different lenses. Economic (jobs), historic (cities), religious (pilgrimage), and sports (Olympics) to name a few. We offer multiple pathways for students to choose which area of tourism they find the most interesting; whether it is learning how to run a hotel, or throw a big concert, or to conduct original research on the impact of tourism behaviors.

Here at TMAN we have a philosopy that keeps us all focussed on you the student. It’s called hands-on learning and we do it better than anyone else. Your learning experience will extend well beyond the classroom. Our professors and students connect with local, regional, national, and even global stakeholders where we work on a variety of super cool projects that get you out there in the real-world, in real-time.

If you want to figure out if we are the right choice for you. Look no further than our grads. They are evidence of the strength and success of our programs. Some work for giant hotels, some run special event teams at ski resorts, some have gone on to graduate school, some have become business consultants and most are now pursuing rewarding careers in ‘the biz’ in all kinds of different roles. Check out the videos that showcase our graduates, their careers and their lives in the tourism industry. We are really proud of them!

I also encourage you to read the profiles of our faculty and learn about our programs, which include diplomas of resort and hotel management, sport event management, events and convention management, and the Bachelor of Tourism Management. We are even working towards a Master’s degree – stay tuned.

We punch above our weight here at TMAN. We are student-centered and you will love studying here with us in our program, at TRU and in beautiful Kamloops, British Columbia.

It’s our promise to you.

Please contact me if you have any questions about our programs and your future here at Tourism Management.

Stay Free,

Billy Collins