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Dear TESL Canada 2012 presenters,

Thank you for your participation at the TESL Canada 2012 conference!  We have heard many wonderful things about the incredible array of presentations at the conference. 

As a legacy of the conference and reference for colleagues, we have created this space to be a repository for presenter handouts, powerpoint slides (and other presentations), papers and other material.  If you would like to share your material online, we would love to include it here.  Please send these to tc2012program@tru.ca

Second, a conference survey will be sent to all delegates in the near future and information on that will be used to help with future TESL Canada conference planning.

Once again, thank you for your participation at the conference. 


Joe Dobson & Karen Densky, Conference co-chairs
Jim Hu, Program Chair
Seonaigh MacPherson and Karen Rauser, Associate Program Chairs

Some presenters at the TESL Canada 2012 conference have made their material available.  The following materials are made available for personal and educational use only.  Obtain permission from author before redistributing.

  • Yuji Abe - Aiming for Appropriate Student Materials (PDF)
  • Yalda Ahmadvand - Accent Fossilization in Older Iranian Women in Canada (PPT)
  • Naghmeh Babaee - Minority Language Rights in Canadian Provincial Schools: Implications for Policy makers and Teachers (PPT)
  • Veronica Baig - L1 & L2 Students Together-Online Education to the Rescue (PPT)
  • Ray Bennett - Doing Professional Development in International EAP: paradoxes, perspectives, best practices (PPT)
  • Karen Brooke - A Review of Placement Tests for EFL EAP Contexts (PPT)
  • Karen Densky, Kimberly Bare, Laura Blumenthal, Elina Supataeva, Kelsey Ehler, Karen Rauser, Jessica Bedford, Carolyn Kristjánsson, Nathan Kielstra - What I wished I had learned in my TESOL program (PPT)
  • Ryan Deschambault - Constructing 'Fee-Paying International Students' in K-12 Education Policy and Practice (PDF)
  • Ryan Drew - Creating Formative Assessment Tools (PDF)
  • Scott Foubister - Vocaba, a simple yet powerful way to learn vocabulary online (PDF), (link)
  • Jody Gilbert - AARA Reading Strategy - Supporting Top-Down Processes in L2 Reading (PDF)
  • Iwona Gniadek, Briar Jamieson - Workplace e-Learning Resources for Adult EAL/ESL Learners (PDF)
  • Louise Green, Joan Acosta - Using an e-Book Compilation of Westcoast Reader Stories to Teach Strategic Reading (DOC), (PDF), (ZIP)
  • Cara Gratton - A Reading List for L2 Instructors (link)
  • Brian Grover - Experience as a Catalyst for Student-Centered, Conversation-Enabled Learning (link)
  • Jeff Gulley - Dictionary Activities (PDF)
  • Nathan Hall - The Landscapes of Technology in Language Education: Theory, Knowledge, and Practice (PDF)
  • Nathan Hall - Utilizing Technology to Develop a Community of Inquiry (PDF)
  • Emily Harrison - Which is your preferred style of teaching (PPT)
  • Ramin Hatam - Using the School's Building as a Mind mapping (PPT)
  • Maggie Heeney - Strategic Vocabulary:Leading Learners to Academic Success with the AWL (PPT)
  • Kim Henrie - Reading Instruction and Difficulties in LINC Level 1-3 Classes (ZIP)
  • Jim Hu - Language Errors in ESL Writing: Perspectives of Students (ZIP)
  • Jim Hu, Wendy Krauza, Heather Wisla - Service Learning (PPT)
  • Stephanie Jackson - How web 2.0 Tools support language acquisition and learning (link)
  • Khaled Karim, Hossein Nassaji - The Role of Corrective feedback in second language writing (PDF)
  • Raj Khatri - Compelling Strategies: Landscapes of Languages: Does SIOP Provide Them? (PPT)
  • Naji Khodashenas - Applying the Theory of Multiple Intelligences in Teaching Vocabulary to Iranian Beginner EFL Learners (PPT)
  • Irene Kosmas - Teaching Post-Secondary ESL College Writing Courses (PDF)
  • Stephen Kraemer - An Introduction to Mandarin Chinese Grammar for ESL Professionals (PDF)
  • Trevor Laughlin - Business English Programs for Saudi Students: Using Classroom Hours Effectively (PPT)
  • Geoff Lawrence - A Working Pedagogical Model to Support Online Intercultural Language Learning Environments (PPT)
  • Amber McLeod, Karen Rauser, Joyce Martens - Developing and Using Online ESL Curriculum (PPT)
  • Sean McMinn-Breaking Down the Four Walls-Mobile Devices in Classroom Teaching (PPT)
  • Elfrieda Lepp-Kaethler, Frieda Martens: Defining Moments - Motivational Strategies in the L2 Classroom (DOC)
  • Jennifer MacDonald - Digital Tools for EAP (PDF)
  • Christopher Philip Madden - Strategic Interaction 2.0 Uploading Real Life Role Plays (ZIP)
  • Sonia Martin - LINC Home Study-Canada-Serving Newcomers Across Landscapes (link)
  • Jack Massalski - Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms (link), (PDF
  • Doug Minaker - Using PowerPoint in the classroom (link)
  • Shazia Nawaz - Four Easy Steps to Writing a Successful Research Essay in an EAP Classroom (PPT), (PDF)
  • Shazia Nawaz - Motivation, a driving force in second language learning (PPT)
  • Muhammad Naz - Online Learning at ISIS (PPT)
  • Mervyn Nicholson - Hearing the Rhythm-In Search of What Unites Reading and Writing (DOC)
  • Adriana del Paso - The English Only Policy Revisited (PDF)
  • Geoffrey Pinchbeck, Katie Crossman - An Intensive Academic English Course for Gen1.5/ELLs Bound for Post-Secondary Studies: Curriculum design, development and implementation (link)
  • Heather Plaizier and Sharon Yeo - Listening Circles (PDF)
  • Brett Reynolds, Jean Choi, Rebecca Milburn - Language Literacy Impacts Math Literacy (PPT)
  • Sukran Saygi - The Nature of Reading Motivation and Student Perceptions (PPT)
  • Tyson Seburn - Academic Reading Circles (ARC) (link)
  • Hermayawati Setiadi - Improving Speaking Skill of Migrant Worker Candidates Using Film (PPT)
  • Marti Sevier - Beyond Web VP: New ways of using Lextutor (PPT)
  • Mavis Smith, Lisa Robertson, Patricia Fahrni - Breaking New Ground Framing English for the Construction Sector (PDF)
  • Gordana Sokic - When Verbs Become Nouns: Helping EAP Students with Grammatical Metaphor (DOC)
  • Pascal St-Jean, Nelson Ko - Learn to use the Tutela.ca online repository and ESL community (PDF)
  • Maya Sugita - Changes in Perceptions Motivation,  Teaching Styles, and Engagement (PPT)
  • Maya Sugita - Motivational Flow and Teachers Teaching Styles Self Determination Theory (PPT)
  • Subi Subhan - 'Little Bangladesh'- A Language Landscape (PPT), (DOC)
  • Melissa Svendsen, Elizabeth Rennie - Going Beyond Google (PDF)
  • Masoumeh Tajvidi, Masoud Khalili, Amir Mahdavi Zafarghandi - The Impact of Written Corrective Feedback on Student Writing Accuracy (PPT)
  • Danny Tan, Johanathan Woodworth - Teaching Integrated Pronunciation Strategies (TIPS) with Videos (PPT), (DOC)
  • Melissa Taylor - Lesson Plan: Mock University Entrance Interview Process (PPT)
  • Michael Trottier - Negotiating the Constraints & Affordances of ‘College-prep’ ESL (PPT)
  • Angelina Van Dyke, Lorin Friesen - Cognitive Modeling for Critical Cross-Cultural Learning (PPT)
  • Beth Vye - A Collaborative Approach to Communication for Healthcare and Engineering Professionals (PPT)
  • Erin Waugh - Interior design-An online landscape where culture and language connect (PDF)
  • Terri Wershler, Shawna Williams - Road Map to a Revitalized Curriculum (PDF), (PDF), (link)
  • Sara Yuen - Adventures in Digital Storytelling (link)


Please check back soon for more presenter handouts.