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Important information for Presenters

(Please check this page again a week or so before the conference for updates.)

Welcome to the TESL Canada 2012 Conference -TESL Interiors: Landscapes of Literacies and Language. Thank you for your willingness to share your time and expertise with your colleagues.

Below is detailed information to help your presentation go smoothly. Please read it carefully before emailing us with questions. Most of the work of the conference is done by volunteers and careful reading is appreciated.  We also encourage you to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page as well.

Before the conference

• All presenters and attending co-presenters MUST register and pay for the conference. There is no registration discount for presenters.  The presenter deadline is September 8 and those failing to register by that date will be removed from the program.

• TESL Canada does NOT reimburse program participants for any expenses.

• TESL Canada does NOT provide pens, markers, paper, flip charts, or other miscellaneous supplies for presenters, so be sure to bring everything you need for your presentation.

• If you would like to get feedback from those who attend your session, please prepare your own evaluation and take a few minutes at the end of your session for people to complete it and return it to you. The conference planners will NOT provide session evaluations for you. There will be a general conference evaluation for for all delegates after the conference, but it will not be on specific presentations.

• Details of your presentation including your time and room will be posted HERE (check back in September). Room capacity and layout arrangements of presentation rooms can be viewed HERE (check back in September)

Presenter check-in at the conference

• At the conference, there will be a presenter check-in table in the registration area, in addition to the general registration check-in table. (Registration will be in the Campus Activity Centre (CAC) -- See map HERE. At the presenter check-in table you will receive a presenter packet which will contain instructions about how to use the computer and projector in your classroom. It will also include password information for the computer, a presenter certificate and a presenter ribbon to attach to your name badge. Please wear your name badge at all times while at the conference.

If you are a poster presenter, please refer to the poster guidelines in the original Conference Call for Proposals - click HERE.

Session attendance

We have no way of knowing how many people will attend any given session, or how many handouts you will need. However, you can use the following information to help you estimate.

• There will be many concurrent sessions at any given time. For each time slot on Friday, there will be 20-25 sessions running concurrently. For each time slot on Saturday about 25-30 sessions are scheduled. We are expecting up to 1000 delegates for the two-day main conference.

• Seating capacity for each room will be listed for presenters at a later point – please check back. Not all attendees are in sessions at the same time. Some may come late or leave early, and some will spend time looking at publisher displays or networking with colleagues.

Video-recording: A number of accepted presenters indicated a willingness to allow video-recording of their session. That conference sub-committee will be in touch with those selected to provide further details.

Publication in SHARE: A number of accepted presenters indicated interest in publication in SHARE. The editor of SHARE will be in touch with those selected for this opportunity.  Please do not contact the conference committee about this.  Those selected will be contacted by SHARE directly.

Photo-copying: Since it is hard to know how many handouts to prepare, and since copying is expensive, many presenters simply pass around a sign-up sheet, so that attendees who want a handout or a copy of a PowerPoint can provide their email addresses. A general guideline for photocopying is the room capacity for your presentation.

For safety reasons, once your presentation room is full, there will be a sign which reads "This room is full." for you to post outside the door. The sign will be on the main table near the desktop computer in the classroom. Please use it if necessary.

Mini-sessions: If you are giving a mini-session, it is very important that you end on time in order for the next mini-session to start on time.  You need to keep your portion of the presentation to a maximum of 20 minutes so that others presenting will have time to present during that session.

Technology information

All classrooms and presentation rooms at Thompson Rivers University are technology equipped with the following:

• a classroom desktop computer connected to the Internet

• an LCD projector with a screen

• a white board or chalk board

• Presenters can bring their presentation on a CD or USB stick to use on the classroom computer . (Some tech support will be available during the conference)

• You may check your assigned room any time prior to 8:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and you can also check it during breaks between sessions.

• All classroom desktop computers will be logged in for presenters to use.

• Do NOT turn off the computer after your session so it is available for the next presenter. If your session is the last of the day, turn off the projector before turning off the computer.

• To switch between PC, document camera (if available), or DVD (if available), you can follow the instructions taped to the presenter's desk.  

• Public Internet access is available in all buildings for personal laptops and mobile devices and guest login instructions will be provided to all conference presenters and delegates.

• If you need help with anything, one or more conference tech volunteer will be assigned to each building. He or she can help you or you can call 250-319-6404 for assistance.

• When dealing with technology, it's always a good idea to have a backup plan, such as bringing paper copies, making a flash drive copy of a PowerPoint, or emailing your file to yourself.

• If you choose to change the furniture arrangement in your room, please return all tables, desks, and chairs to their original position for the next presenter.

Thank you again for providing professional development for colleagues in our field. We hope you enjoy the conference. There will be an opportunity to provide feedback online after the conference.  TESL Canada 2012 is a major professional development event in our field and will be valuable for colleagues from across the country and beyond and would not be possible without the contributions of many professionals such as yourself.


Joe Dobson and Karen Densky, Conference Co-Chairs
and the Conference Planning Committee