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All-TRU Sustainability Educators Program

Help make the world more sustainable, one minute at a time. Sustainability encompasses so much — environmental, social and economic factors — and we all have much to learn and much to share. All TRU students (including from Open Learning), staff, faculty and administrators are encouraged to join the new All-TRU Sustainability Educators Program. At the heart of the program is telling one-minute original sustainability stories that are important to the participants to share.


Films For Change — Community Film Series

Films For Change is a community inspired film series showing films of positive and inspiring content related to sustainability, with the intention of bringing together our Kamloops community to connect and raise awareness while sharing the desire to make a difference. Films take place at TRU on the last Wednesday of the month (except December, June, July and August). Any community group can apply to have a films shown.

Criteria for including films

Student Mentors for TRU Student Sustainability Ambassador Program

The TRU Sustainability Office is seeking one or two TRU students to act as mentors for students in the TRU Student Sustainability Ambassador Program. Please see the terms of reference for details.

Terms of Reference

Sustainability Office Volunteer Program

Join our volunteer team! All you have to do is add your name to our email list, and when we need help with an initiative, we email everyone on the list. If you can help, then great, but if you can’t, then that’s OK, too. There’s no long-term commitment. After every volunteer assignment you’ll receive a TRU Sustainability Office Volunteering Certificate. To add your name to the list, please email with the subject line "Join Volunteers". Thanks for helping!

TRU Campus Sustainability Walking Tour

Are you interested in a sustainability tour? For a group or a class project? Call the TRU Sustainability Office and we can arrange and customize the following to suit you:

  • An overview of the solar sidewalk and concepts of solar energy leading to energy demand discussions.
  • An overview of the composting program and general discussion on the cycle of energy.
  • Walking to the campus gardens and showing the changed methods of irrigation and plant management to reduce water use, as well as the local species.
  • Showing the roof-mounted solar hot water systems.
  • A stop at a zero waste station to talk about how the TRU community handles recycling, and how to use our four-bin system.
  • Depending on the interest level and time, the tour can also include stops in the entrances of major campus buildings to point out sustainable initiatives indoors. There are posters in the entrances of major buildings that point out significant sustainability aspects (such as heating, electrical and lighting systems; indoor gardens/living roofs; and zero waste systems). These posters help raise awareness with students as they move from building to building.

TRU Campus Tree Program: Plant. Care. Preserve.

Students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of TRU are encouraged to volunteer for this new program. Under the supervision of TRU staff or contractors, volunteers will help with and learn about tree planting, caring and the preservation of trees. Help keep TRU beautiful!

Terms of Reference

TRU Staff and Faculty Sustainability Ambassador Program

Ambassadors spread the spirit of sustainability at TRU by being a force for change and improving the culture of sustainability on campus. This is a peer-to-peer sustainability education program with staff and faculty ambassadors demonstrating sustainability leadership to their colleagues. This group is ideas-driven, action-oriented, goal-motivated, all while having some fun.

Terms of Reference

TRU Student Sustainability Ambassador Program

This program is designed to help spread the spirit of sustainability at TRU. Students can be a force for change and improve the culture of sustainability on campus. This group will be ideas-driven, goal-driven, while being effective and trying to have fun. The program is for all students enrolled in a for-credit program on the campus. Please see the terms of reference for details.

Terms of Reference

TRU Employee Service Volunteer Program

Thompson Rivers University is committed to providing service opportunities for employees to support the external, internal and international community through paid and unpaid volunteer opportunities. For TRU, volunteering is an important and valued activity and creates strong and connected communities. For TRU, it’s about our community supporting the larger community.

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