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Employee e-bike program

TRU employees get an incentive and an easy payment plan when they take part in the e-bike purchase program. The incentive amounts to 10 percent off the market price of an e-bike, and the rest of the cost can be paid with payroll deductions over the course of a year.

Swap approximately one year of parking costs with an investment in an e-bike, or opt for a flexible parking pass. New parking pass structures allow employees to share a reserved stall. Ride two or three times a week and still have your reserved stall the rest of the time — allowing for errands that require a vehicle.

Electric bikes are revolutionizing commuting in urban areas. Lithium batteries in e-bikes are lightweight, with long life cycles as compared to lead acid batteries. The electric bike range varies depending on model, between 40 and 70 kilometres per charge. Speeds are up to 32 km/h.

Kamloops’ urban infrastructure and natural topography make regular cycling difficult and unrealistic from outlying communities such as Juniper, Westsyde and Barnhartvale. E-bikes allow riders to climb hills with ease, experience and connect through our vast trail network, jump curbs, and provide increased road traction for winter riding.

All employees are eligible to apply for the health and wellness incentive but financing is limited to permanent employees only. For details, forms, and the updated vendor list please come see us at the Sustainability office.

Bike sharing

The Sustainability Office has several bikes that can be reserved online.

You need to use either an or email, and we ask that you select a start time for you booking that is as close as possible to when you plan to pick up the bike. You will need to confirm the booking by clicking the link in an email sent to you — if you don't, you will lose it after one hour. You must sign a liability waiver before your first booking.

Helmets are required at all times while on our bikes, and locks are available if needed. If something breaks or needs attention on the bike, please contact Aaron Wiebe as soon as possible.

TRU Rideshare

Lots of Canadian universities are using this program.

  • Free for students and staff
  • Only takes 10 minutes to register
  • Easy to change and adapt
  • Ride-matching notifications sent via email or text
  • Save money and time
  • Meet new people; feel safety in numbers
  • No obligations once you’ve signed up — ride with who you want to
  • Great for regular commuter trips or longer ones
  • Great for the environment!

Students: You do need to know your TRU email to register, but you can add an alternative email for your ride notifications.


Idle-Free Campus

One of TRU's goals is to reduce unnecessary air emissions. Idle-free zones help achieve this goal.

In general, vehicles should never be left idling. Extensive research has shown that engine warm-ups should not last more than 10 seconds under average air temperatures (in extreme cold weather, a one-minute warm-up is appropriate). The best way to warm up a vehicle is to drive it gently to start with. Of course, windshields should be clear of frost for safe driving conditions.

  • When checking emails and texts, do so before turning on your engine.
  • Idling can increase maintenance costs due to a build-up of carbon in the engine.
  • Idling wastes fuel, which costs money.
  • The myth about damaging your starter by turning a car on and off more frequently is just that — a myth.
TRU Anti-Idling Guidelines

BC Transit


The TRU Student Union UPASS is an unlimited transit pass for the City of Kamloops provided to every student enrolled at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. The UPASS allows you to get to and from classes, work, school, and more at a low cost to both your bank account and the environment. The UPASS also provides you with a 50 percent discount to a monthly membership for the Tournament Capital Centre and free access to the Canada Games Aquatic Centre. » Learn More

Bus routes and schedules

Biking and walking

These two forms of transportation can often take care of all three areas of sustainability:

  • Social: you get exercise, which makes you feel great
  • Economic: they are usually cheaper than other forms of transportation
  • Environmental: your carbon footprint is very small

Plus, there’s never any parking issues!

Bike rack locations (click the blue button)
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