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Food and Drink

By patronizing food services on campus, you're helping to support their sustainable practices. Common Grounds, the student owned and operated coffee shop, offers fair trade organic espresso, biodegradable cups and containers, living wages for student employees, and extended service hours for late-night study sessions. Services run by Aramark follow the Green Thread environmental stewardship program, which strives to provide sustainable food, practice responsible procurement, manage waste, and conserve energy and water. Biodegradable take-out containers are available.

Things you can do

Hug your mug. Get in the habit of bringing your travel mug. If you save avoid using one paper cup a day for 40 years, that's enough to you’ll save 24 trees. On top of that, all TRU the coffee shops will give you a discount.

DiscountCoffee shop
50 cents Common Grounds
25 cents International Building Café
Trades Café
Upper Level Café
Urban Market
10 cents Tim Hortons

✓ Take part in the TRU Fill It Forward program (previously Cupanion). Get rewards and contribute to water charities just by using your reusable water bottle and mug! Find out more and how to get involved

✓ If you go out for lunch, sit down and eat — don't take it out. This reduces the amount of cardboard going into the landfill, where it takes up a lot of space and breaks down slowly.

Compost whatever food you don't finish eating.

Bring only as much lunch as you plan to eat. That way there is no waste.

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