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Thompson Rivers University

Fill It Forward Challenge 2019

This month-long challenge running Sept. 4-30, 2019, aims to divert 20,000 disposable cups and bottles from the landfill. Every time you reuse your water bottle or mug and scan your Fill it Forward sticker, you will contribute to this goal. Each scan reduces the amount of waste going to the landfill and donates the equivalent of one cup of water to charity.

How to participate

  1. Download the Fill it Forward app from your preferred app store
  2. Place a Fill it Forward sticker on your bottle or mug (dark blue for a mug and light blue for a water bottle)
  3. Scan the bar code each time you reuse the bottle or mug
  4. Feel good about saving the world one drink at a time
  5. Win prizes

As we work towards our goal of 20,000 reuses, you get to win prizes. For the month of September, daily and weekly prizes will be distributed in addition to the usual monthly draw.

Daily 1 scan = 1 entry $15 campus meal card
Weekly 4 scans = 1 entry $15 campus meal card and a branded cupanion reusable mug
Monthly 12 scans = 1 entry $100 bookstore gift card, travel mug, and coffee/tea gift basket

Follow the challenge on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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