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Thompson Rivers University

TRU Sustainability Office

The TRU Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan (CSSP), created in 2014, guides our efforts. The SSP is aligned with the overarching goals of TRU’s Strategic Priorities Plan, which has ‘Increasing Sustainability’ as one of its five priorities. Our office plays an active role in three main areas to achieve all goals:


We strive for energy efficiency and progressive energy use through conservation, new technology, behaviour change, and renewable energy sources.


We coordinate engagement opportunities with the TRU community using events, contests, programs and grant funds.


We help TRU students, faculty and staff members in any way we can with their sustainability projects.

Random acts of sustainability

Food & Water

Bring your own water bottle


Only use any kind of additional packaging that you really need

Click the recycling icon for more tips!

Apply to the Sustainability Grant Fund

If you have your own sustainability project in mind, we may be able to help with a grant of up to $100,000. This fund is open to TRU students, staff and faculty.

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