Incoming Exchange Students

Application process and required documents

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Complete all the steps in the online ISEP application instructions as directed by your home institution coordinator, who will then submit it.


Students coming from a post-secondary institution that has a bilateral student exchange agreement with TRU must be nominated by their home university coordinator.  The TRU Study Abroad Office will then invite them to apply as an exchange student through our online system (Horizons).  

Online application instructions
Incoming Exchange Supporting Documents:

Application/ Nomination deadlines

** Study Abroad inbound exchange program currently suspended due to COVID_19.**

Sept. 30 (nominate by Sept. 15) Apr. 8 (nominate by Mar. 25)

Please note: Exchange students planning to study in Canada, should consult with the Canadian Government by visiting Come to Canada wizard. This is a great resource for entering Canada.

Important links

Events and activities

What can you do in a small city like Kamloops? Lots!

LEAP is a great way for international students to meet Canadian students and other foreign students from other countries. This program organizes trips and events within the Kamloops area at a very reasonably low price. LEAP events are a great way to meet new people, travel to new cities in an organized safe and affordable way.

There are also dozens of student clubs active on campus, ranging from American Sign Language to Eco Club to Toastmasters, that are always looking for new members.

For information about other things to do in Kamloops and area, from skiing Sun Peaks to enjoying any of the 39 magnificant waterfalls in Wells Gray Park, Tourism Kamloops is a fabulous reference.

Non-exchange international students

Students interested in coming to study at TRU who are not coming via a bilateral exchange agreement or ISEP, look here for all the details of TRU's programs and services for international students.

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