Study Abroad Support Sessions and Events

Have you attended a Study Abroad information session? Are you stuck on your application?

Get help from peers who have been in your shoes. Whether you have one question or ten, get answers.

  • No need to pre-register
  • Receive support for ISEP and bilateral applications
  • Ask how-to questions
  • Ask about pre-departure and steps needed to go abroad
  • Print a copy of each application form and bring to sessions you will be attending
  • Sessions are designed to support students with filling in the blanks

All support sessions are designed to follow an information session and interview with a mobility officer.

WINTER 2020 support sessions

These sessions support the following:

  • Outbound students needing assistance with their Horizons Online application
  • How to prepare a course request list (Learning Agreement Proposal) for your program advisor

Do you do have more questions? Just message our team of ambassadors through our TRU Study Abroad Facebook page. Do not hesitate to check in with our team. We have been through it ourselves, and are happy to share our experiences.

Facebook events

Study Abroad oversees a number of events each semester to support new and potential outbound exchange students, promotion to potential high school students and their parents, and assist in recruitment special events with TRU recruiters. To see a full listing of upcoming special events, visit our Facebook Events page.

Photo contests, blog contest, Instagram contests, video contests — you name it. We want you to win some great prizes. Share your story with us for a chance to win!

Global competency

TRU Global Competency allows student to earn formal recognition for their intercultural and international experiences from Study Abroad, to learning a second language, to volunteer work.

Orientation Session

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