International Affairs Committee

MembershipMembersTerm Expiry
Chair: Associate Vice-President, International Baihua Chadwick ex-officio
Vice Chair: A Director, TRU World Vacant ex-officio
Dean of Students (or designate) Nancy Bepple ex-officio
Intercultural Coordinator Kyra Garson ex-officio
One Dean, approved by Senate vacant  
Five faculty members and/or OL Faculty Members approved by Senate (one must be a Senator) John Patterson - Open Learning/Senator
Stan Miles - SoBE
Nan Stevens - EDSW
Allen Lim - SoBE
one vacancy
Oct 2021
Oct 2021
Oct 2021
Apr 2023
Up to three students appointed by Steering Committee   Annah Nganga
Azat Perengliyev
Gandharv Vashisth
Sept 2021
Sept 2021
Sept 2021
One representative from the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee appointed by the APPC Gordon Rudolph  Dec 2020
One member appointed by the Associate Vice President International Donna McGrath  Sept 2021
Administrative Support TRU World  
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