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Membership Roster

Teaching and Learning Committee

RepresentativeNameTerm Ending
Chair Catharine Dishke Hondzel Ongoing
Senator (Dean) Daleen Millard, Faculty of Law  January 2024
Senator Gordon Rudolph, Open Learning September 2024 
Faculty Member Gul-e-Rana Mufti, Faculty of Arts April 2025
Faculty Member Christina Cederlof, Education and Social Work October 2024 
Faculty Member Jennifer Woodrow, Faculty of Arts October 2022
Faculty Member Candace Walker, School of Nursing January 2025
Faculty Member Brenna Clarke Gray, Open Learning April 2025
Faculty Member Vacancy  
Faculty Member Vacancy  
Faculty Member Aditya Sharma, Open Learning  January 2024
Student Representative Marie (Christleda) Philip September 2022 
Student Representative Bella He September 2022 
Associate VP or designate, Information Technology Services Eric Youd/Jim Hobbs On-going
Director or designate, University Library Tania Gottschalk/Julia Wells On-going
Director or designate, Integrated Planning & Effectiveness Dorys Crespin-Mueller/Stephanie Klassen On-going
Director, Learning Design & Innovation Brian Lamb On-going
Director, Curriculum Development & Delivery Paul Martin On-going
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