Academic Integrity Committee

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Academic Dishonesty Reporting Procedure

The following describes the procedure to be followed when academic dishonesty is suspected:

The Campus Case Report Form (Open Learning (OL) Case Report Form) outlines the various steps that should be taken when a case of academic dishonesty is suspected. The process is designed to ensure that:

      1. students learn that integrity is both expected and respected; and
      2. student rights are considered when academic integrity issues arise. 

All students who engage in any form of academic dishonesty should be identified to the Academic Integrity Committee.  This allows the committee to maintain records so that:

      1. repeat offences are penalized differently from first-time cases; and
      2. integrity issues can be treated appropriately (e.g., with education programs for students and faculty geared to the frequency and type of cases.) 

All cases must be documented using the Case Report Form and forwarded to for processing

Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Academic Integrity Committee is to:

  • review the Academic Integrity Policy and make recommendations for change
  • to administer the Academic Integrity Policy by making decisions on cases which have been referred to the committee
  • to review cases as necessary
  • to provide reports to VP Academic and the Office of Student Affairs at the end of September, January and May. These reports will be anonymous and are to be used to provide the institution with an overall picture of Academic Integrity at TRU.
  • to provide education to faculty, staff and administration regarding the implementation of the Academic Integrity Policy.
  Terms of Appointment

Faculty Members/Dean/DSD Representative:
The Term of Appointment for all but student members will be two years. All members have the option to renew the term with constituent approval.

Students' term of appointment will be for one year only with the option to renew the term one time.

Ex Officio Member:  
Office of Student Affairs representative will be an on-going appointment.


All cases are to remain confidential. The Secretary will retain all records and will provide related information only to those persons in places of authority at TRU (President, Vice-Presidents, Registrar). Members who are unable to provide secure storage of their files may request that the Secretary maintain their files between meetings.


Fifty percent plus one members are required to achieve quorum.


Any member may be granted a leave of absence for up to three consecutive ordinary meetings of the Council. Any absence without leave for three consecutive meetings shall result in a declaration of vacancy by the Vice-Chair.


Members of the Academic Integrity Committee are ultimately appointed by the Steering Committee of Senate. Names of prospective members (obtained following the processes described below for each of the groups represented on the AIC) are forwarded to the Steering Committee by the Chair of the AIC.

  • Faculty members are elected by their respective Faculty Councils;
  • The representative for TRU World is nominated by the Associate Vice President International and Chief Executive Officer TRU World Global Operations;
  • The representative for TRU Library is nominated by the University Librarian;
  • OL members are nominated by the Program Director for OL; and
  • Student members are nominated by TRUSU.
Three Undergraduate students
One Graduate student
One Faculty of Science faculty member
One Faculty of Arts faculty member
One Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts & Tourism faculty member
One Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Development faculty member
One Faculty of Law faculty member
One School of Business & Economics faculty member
One School of Trades & Technology faculty member
One School of Nursing faculty member
One Division of Student Development faculty member
One Open Learning faculty member (OLFM)
One Open Learning non-faculty member
One Dean
One TRU World Representative
One University Library Representative
One Ex Officio Student Affairs Officer
One secretary provided by the Vice-President, Student Affairs Office (To maintain records, minutes, database and other such files). The secretary will set up all meetings and related duties.

Membership Roster

RepresentativeNameTerm Ending
Chair Wayne Singular (Interim)       April 2021
Vice-Chair Vacant  
Student Filza Raza    September 2021
Student Cole Hickson September 2021
Student Hailey Lonsdale    September 2021
Graduate Student Azeezat Abudu September 2021
Faculty of Science - Faculty Member Vacant  
Faculty of Arts - Faculty Member Vacant   
Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts & Tourism - Faculty Member Iain Stewart-Patterson December 2023
Faculty of Education and Social Work - Faculty Member Vacant     
Faculty of Law - Faculty Member Vacant  
School of Business & Economics - Faculty Member Wayne Singular September 2021
School of Trades & Technology - Faculty Member Vacant  
School of Nursing - Faculty Member Kim Morris December 2023
Faculty of Student Development - Faculty Member Jenna Goddard November 2022
Open Learning - Faculty Member Vacant  
Open Learning - Non-Faculty Member Wilma De Jong January 2021
Dean Vacant     
TRU World Representative Teresa Wei November 2022
University Library Representative Franklin Sayre December 2023
Ex Officio Student Affairs Officer Marian Anderberg Ongoing
Secretary Lora Sartori Ongoing

Forms, Policies & Documents

Academic Integrity Policy
Campus Case Report Form
Open Learning (OL) Case Report Form


It is the responsibility of Thompson Rivers University (TRU) faculty and staff to take reasonable steps to prevent and to detect acts of academic dishonesty. It is an instructor's responsibility to confront a student when such an act is suspected and to take appropriate action if academic dishonesty, in the opinion of the instructor, has occurred.

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