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TRU Physics Alumni

Scott Foubister, BSc Physics (Co-op), 2010
Scott Foubister

Over two summer work terms Scott worked as an undergraduate summer student in astrophysics at the Tri-University Meson Facility (TRIUMF) on the DRAGON recoil mass spectrometer. He conducted research and presented results on the resonance strength of nuclear reactions in nova explosions. In his last year at TRU, Scott helped create the hardware and software necessary to develop a working inverted pendulum (go to Student Projects for video action).

Scott will be pursuing an MSc (Physics) at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, and the Institute for Quantum Computing.

Samantha A. M. Lloyd, BSc Physics (Co-op) with Math minor, 2009
Samantha Lloyd

Samantha graduated in 2009 from TRU with many accomplishments to her name. In 2007 she worked one eight month co-op term at the Tri-University Meson Facility (TRIUMF) on the campus of UBC investigating how stars evolve. In the summer of 2008, Samantha was one of only five students chosen from across Canada (by TRIUMF) to receive a Summer Research Award. She was assigned a project of considerable interest to her, Proton and Neutron Irradiation.

Currently Samantha is enrolled as an MSc candidate in Medical Physics at the University of Victoria.

Warren Campbell, BSc Physics, 2007
Warren Campbell

Warren is nearing completion of his MSc in Medical Physics at the University (UVic) of Victoria. He will be presenting some of his research (thesis titled "Development of a fan beam optical computed tomography scanner for three-dimensional dosimetry") at the International Conference on 3D Radiation Dosimetry in August 2010.

Warren is planning to continue towards a PhD at UVic.

Matthew Grunert, BSc Physics, 2007
Matthew Grunert

Matthew completed his Physics degree with a focus on embedded hardware development and did special project research in fuzzy logic control of an inverted pendulum.

Since October 2008, Matthew has maintained the primary gaming management system for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) as the System Administrator for the province's casino infrastructure.

Brent Rudyk, BSc Physics and Chemistry, 2006
Brent Rudyk

Brent is currently in his third year of a Ph.D. in Solid State Chemistry at the University of Alberta. He is using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Synchrotron (XANES, EXAFS) techniques to probe electronic structure and interactions between elements in materials of the ZrCuSiAs-structure type. His research takes him to various synchrotron facilities (U.S. Argonne National Lab, Canadian Light Source) to further investigate and decipher the origins the materials' interesting properties.

Victor Dudas, BSc Physics, 2005
Victor Dudas

After receiving his BSc (Physics major) here at TRU, Victor went on into the field of law. He obtained his LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) in 2009 and was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 2010. He is now practicing in the area of corporate finance and securities with a major Canadian law firm.

Myles Gregory, BSc Physics, 2005
Myles Gregory

Over the last several years, Myles has held a position with BC Hydro as a Power Smart Regional Specialist. He gives workshops and presentations on energy awareness and strategies to improve energy efficiency to businesses, organizations and people looking for energy solutions.

Jason Land, BSc Physics (Co-op), 2005
Jason Land

For the last three years Jason has been working in the energy industry as a NACE Corrosion and CP Technician for Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Canada Ltd. with a focus on risk management. His current position affords him a balance of field work, data analysis and report generation involving the state of cathodic protection systems and their operating performances along areas of established pipelines. With his physics degree, he has been able to obtain different levels of NACE certification along with the highest level of cathodic protection (CP) certification.

This is what Jason had to say about his time at TRU.

James Charbonneau, BSc Physics, 2004
James Charbonneau

Currently James is in his last year of his PhD in the department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia (UBC). His research involves using the framework of quantum field theory to study vortices, domain walls and kinks with Neutron stars as a testbed.

For more information on James, his research and endeavors, please visit his website.

Kevin Rubner, BSc Physics, 2002
Kevin Rubner

Kevin has traveled the world with the Canadian Forces since graduating. Trained as an AF Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Rubner worked in NORAD's Canadian Air Defence Sector for two years. Later on, Captain Rubner was attached to ISAF's Psychological Operations Task Force in Kabul. Now as Major Rubner, he headed the Air Force Communications and Information Systems (CIS) for the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games. Currently Kevin studies at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is also pursuing a Master's of Public Administration at the University of Manitoba.

Read Kevin's comment about his experience at TRU (formerly UCC).