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Students may apply to enter a co-operative education option. Participation in co-op extends graduation by one year. Co-op education integrates academic studies with paid periods of relevant work experience.

The co-op program allows students to gain first hand experience working in a variety of resource areas and participating employers get exposure to potential future employees. Securing a job placement in the co-op program is competitive and the number of jobs available will depend on the number of participating employers. Students are not guaranteed job placement in any given workterm.

Students must apply to participate in the co-op program. Students will be chosen by a selection committee based on grades and completion of specific courses. Students must complete all registered first and second year courses, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.33 each year and maintain a minimum C in all NRSC, ENGL and BIOL courses.

At TRU, students enter co-op at various points in their education depending on program requirements. While the summer semester is the most common time to complete work-terms, students are required to complete work-terms in the fall and/or winter semesters to fulfill their co-op designation. Co-op work-terms in the fall and winter semester provides students with additional experience they would not normally receive during the summer.

Note: To achieve the co-op designation, students must complete a minimum number of work terms in their degree or diploma. Students in a four-year degree program must complete a minimum of three work-terms, while students in a two-year diploma program must complete a minimum of two work-terms in order to receive their co-op designation.”