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NRS Faculty

NRSC Staff Photo
Full-time Faculty

Tom Pypker Tom Pypker, PhD
Chairperson, Natural Resource Sciences
Associate Professor
Ken Lepin Science Bldg. - S223

Specialties:  Hydrology, Micrometerorology, and Ecophysiology
John Karakatsoulis 2019 John Karakatsoulis, PhD
NRS Program Advisor
Associate Teaching Professor
Ken Lepin Bldg. - S205

Specialty:  Forest Ecology & Silviculture
Peggy-Jo Broad Peggy-Jo Broad, MScF
Assistant Teaching Professor
Ken Lepin Bldg. - S134

Specialty:  Plant Identification
John Church 2019 John Church, PhD
Associate Professor
BC Regional Innovation Chair in Cattle Industry Sustainability, Faculty of Science

Specialties:  Cattle Industry Sustainability, Meat and Dairy Science, and Agricultural Science
Lauchlan Fraser 2019 Lauchlan Fraser, PhD
NRSC Industrial Research Chair in Ecosystem Reclamation

Specialties:  Grassland and Wetland Community, and Ecosystem Ecology
Wendy Gardner 2019 Wendy Gardner, PhD
Associate Professor
MSc Environmental Science Coordinator
MSc of ENVS Committee Chair

Specialties:  Range, Reclamation/Revegetation, and Agricultural Sciences
Brian Heise Headshot 2019 Brian A. Heise, PhD
Associate Professor
Ken Lepin Bldg. - S320

Specialties:  Fisheries and Limnology
 Karl larsen 2019 Karl Larsen, PhD

Specialties:  Wildlife Ecology, Conservation & Management
 C. Mason TRU Courtney Mason, PhD
Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Communities
Cross Appointment with NRSC and the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
House of Learning Bldg. - HL218

Specialties:  Parks and Protected Areas, and Food Security
Jacque Sorensen 2019 Jacqueline Sorensen, MSc
Assistant Teaching Professor
Ken Lepin Science Bldg. - S340

Specialties:  Freshwater Biology
Sheri Watson Sheri Watson, MSc
Assistant Teaching Professor
Ken Lepin Science Bldg. - S336

Specialties:  Animal Biology, Wildlife Management
 Sherry Bennett Sherry Bennett
NRSC Program Assistant
Ken Lepin Science Bldg. - S212

Sessional Faculty

Andrea Barnett

Theresa McMurphy

Trevor Blenner-Hassett

Adjunct Faculty

Dexter Hodder

Matthias Herborg