TRU Science

NRS Faculty

nrs faculty 2013

Full-time Faculty

Brian Heise Brian A. Heise BSc (Guelph), MSc (Man.), PhD (Toronto),
Associate Professor,

Specializing in limnology and fisheries
John Karakatsoulis John Karakatsoulis, BSc, PhD (UBC)

Chairperson, Natural Resource Sciences
NRS Program Advisor
Assistant Professor

Specializing in forest ecology
Peggy Jo Broad Peggy-Jo Broad, BScF (UBC)

Lab faculty — specializing in plant identification
John Church John Church, BSc (U of Alberta), MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (U of Alberta)
Assistant Professor

Specializing in cattle industry sustainability, meat and dairy science, and agricultural science
Lauch Fraser Lauchlan H. Fraser, BSc, MSc (UBC), PhD (U of Sheffield)
Full Professor

Specializing in grassland and wetland community and ecosystem ecology
Wendy Gardner Wendy Gardner, BSc, MSc (UBC), PhD(U of Alberta)
Assistant Professor

Specializing in range, reclamation/revegetation, and agricultural sciences
Karl Larsen Karl Larsen, BSc, MSc (UVic), PhD (U of Alberta)
Full Professor

Specializing in wildlife management
Tom Pypker Tom Pypker, BSc (McMaster), MSc (UNBC), PhD (Oregon State)
Assistant Professor

Specializing in hydrology, micrometeorology and ecophysiology
Jacqueline Sorensen Jacqueline Sorensen, BNRS (UCC)

Lab faculty — specializing in freshwater biology
Sheri Watson Sheri Watson, BSc, MSc Zoology (U of Calgary)

Specializing in wildlife biology
 BENNETT_S Sherry Bennett, BNRS Program Assistant

Part-time faculty

Trevor Blenner-Hassett

Lorraine Maclauchlan, BSc (UVic), MPM, PhD (SFU)
Course instructor for entomology

Richard McCleary

Theresa McMurchy

Catherine Tarasoff BSc (TRU), PhD (OSU), PAg