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Natural Resource Science

As a natural resource scientist, you apply scientific principles and knowledge toward a better understanding and management of water, forests, rangeland, soil, minerals, fisheries and wildlife.

Bachelor of Natural Resource Science

This is the standard program for most students in our department. The degree takes a minimum of four years to complete, although many students decide to pursue the co-op work-experience option, which will lengthen the program of study. This degree allows students to enter a broad range of employment fields.

Bachelor of Natural Resource Science, Honours Program

Prior to their final year of study, students in the Bachelor of Natural Resource Science degree program may apply to the Honours program. This program has certain prerequisites, and is designed for students who want to pursue a career in research.

Forestry transfer

Students wishing to specialize in forestry can complete the first two years of a forestry degree within our department. After the second year, students can transfer to the University of British Columbia to complete one of five possible forestry degrees.

Other forestry transfer options

Students may also transfer to the University of Northern British Columbia or degree programs in other provinces.

Opportunities for students

Students gain field experience in a variety of areas, including vegetation analysis, soil analysis, forest stand measurements, lake analysis, and vertebrate and invertebrate sampling techniques.

Students can study natural resource management in Belize, a Central American country with diverse resources in early development.

The co-op program allows students to gain first-hand experience working in a variety of resource areas and get exposure to potential future employers.

Careers for graduates

Our grads enter a wide range of career paths, such as wildlife biology and management, fire management, range management, fisheries research, teaching, forestry, interpretation and guiding, or even further work at universities.