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Catalogue of Current Student Abstracts




Ani, Maureen

Earthquake damage cost analysis of building inventory in Kamloops, British Columbia

Antonelli, Paul

Facilitating mine restoration with nurse plants and cover crops

Barton, Krista

Identifying unique spectral signatures of key grassland species for the purpose of assessing rangeland health
Boule, Kelsey

Ethical Issues in Sport Hunting and Conservation Economies in British Columbia, Canada

Boyda, Cameron

Identifying Housekeeping Gene Primers in Lodgepole Pine Dwarf Mistletoe (Arceuthobium americanum)

Bradley, Clayton

Effectiveness of debris barriers against livestock impacts to small streams following timber harvest
Centeno, Mauricio Using Computational Chemistry to Determine the Fate of Organic Pollutants - Physico-Chemical Properties of PFOA and PFAAs
Chapman, Roman

Establishment of drip-irrigated poplar in semi-arid British Columbia

Chowdhury, Shorf

The Human Dimension of Elephant Conservation in Southeast Bangladesh

Clay, Adrienne

Fantastic Owls and How to Find Them

Coghill, Matthew

Evaluating the Legacy Effects of Spotted Knapweed

Donnelly, Sabina

Does seed source matter in grassland restoration?

Doutaz, Dan

Columbia River Invasive Northern Pike - Investigating Movements Through Microchemical Analysis of Otoliths

Foster, Jordann

Effects of the invasive plant spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) on grassland arthropod communities: Use of genomic barcoding tools for ecosystem reclamation management

Hamilton, Hilary

Changes in environmental stress tolerance of intertidal invertebrates throughout life: Does motility play a role?

Hazel, Dominque

Sustainable Practices for Festivals in British Columbia

House, Patricia

Development of Three Techniques to Improve Arctic Grayling (Thymallus arcticus) Enumeration and Habitat Design

Iwabuchi, Brianna

Local adaptation to climate variation among marine invertebrate populations on Vancouver Islands’ east and west coasts

Jeff-Zanni, Medina

Long term trends in environmental and economic performance nation by nation: An investigation of a win-win case

Johnston, Jason

Improving Consultation Processes between Jasper National Park and its Indigenous Partners

King, Denise

Outdoor Cats and Wildlife: Exploring the Bidirectional Risks and the Value of Conservation

Maida, Jared

Stressss at home: Assessing Rattlesnake Response to Disturbance in the South Okanagan
McAdie, Malcolm

Morphometrics and Body Condition Indices and their Health Implications in Captive, Captive-release and Wild Vancouver Island Marmots (Marmota vancouverensis)

McKenna, Kile

Communicating Through Colour Chemistry
Milne, Tallon

New Drugs for Bad Bugs

Paulson, Janelle Grasslands in British Columbia
Peterson, Nicholas  

Smoke'm if you got'em: germination and storage techniques on native seed for BC's interior grasslands

Phillips, Michelle

Biosolids Impact on Cu-Mo Tailings Nutrient Status in the Southern Interior of British Columbia: 15 Years Later

Pyper, Katiana

Long term impact of biosolids in soil microbial communities during mine tailing reclamation

Shippit, Jamie

Reflecting On Protein: Assessing Forage Nutrition Through Spectral Signatures

Swan, Colin

Have We Mitigated the Home Fires Burning?

Terpsma, Doug

Predicting soil moisture on newly established forests within the dry douglas-fir ecosystems of BC’s Southern interior

Tran, Vi

Project: Analytical Characterization of Choline Chloride in oilfield waters
Walsh, Michelle

Identifying thermal refugia and their use by a species of conservation concern, Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)in a temperature sensitive stream

Whitehouse, Sarah

Biosolids: Public Perceptions and Community Engagement

Willms, Tom

Site-level identification and characterization of thermal refugia in the Nicola and Coldwater Rivers

Winton, Stephanie

Rattlesnake road mortality rates and hot-spots: Adjusting for scavenger removal, observer error, and temporal variation