TRU Science

Science Help Centre (Formerly Math Help Centre)


The Science Help Centre is located in S201 of the Ken Lepin Building. Here students can access learning help from faculty and peers, five days a week.  Currently only Math help is available, please stay tuned for updates to other subjects.

Schedule for Math Help Fall 2023

     Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday
9:30-10:30    Kyle    Jonathan    Sean    Caleb    Anh
10:30-11:30    Johnny G    Jonathan    Johnny G    Johnny G    Anh
11:30-12:30    Johnny G    Jonathan    Johnny G    Caleb    Jonathan
12:30-1:30    Anh    Ihor    Jonathan    Caleb    Jonathan
1:30-2:30    Anh    Caleb    Caleb    Caleb    Anh
2:30-3:30    Anh    Jonathan    Caleb    Shirin    Anh
3:30-4:30    Anh    Jonathan    Caleb    Johnny G    n/a

Private tutors

If you need a lot of individual attention and wish to hire a private tutor, the mathematics department maintains a Tutor List of students and graduates who provide mathematics tutoring. Tutors on this listing are independent of TRU, and rates and scheduling should be arranged directly with the tutors.

Questions?  Please contact Dr. Shirin Boroushaki at