TRU Science

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Software engineers directly impact many sectors of society, including manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, government and the media. These sectors rely on computer tools and applications in their day-to-day operations and have benefitted greatly from rapidly changing and innovative information technology solutions to problems.

If you want to be a professional with the technical knowledge and skills to design, develop, test and maintain problem-solving software by applying systematic engineering principles, a software engineering degree from Thompson Rivers University is the right choice.

It’s not just a degree. It’s a commitment and career-focused passion that leads to high-quality software development to serve the needs of humanity and to make life better for many. Join the fastest growing and in-demand profession to be part of teams producing software-enabled products of high technical complexity.

Why software engineering?

  • Software engineering is the application of engineering principles to the design, development and implementation of software.
  • Software engineering blends engineering, business, computing science, project management and quality assurance into software product development.
  • Software engineering is one of the most in-demand and fastest growing professions.
  • Many top technology-centric public and private organizations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Apple and BlackBerry — to name a few — employ software engineers to engage at the forefront of technology innovation and advancement.