TRU Science

Year Two

Interested in electrical or computer engineering? You can now complete your second year at TRU. You will study circuit analysis and digital electronics, design and test microcontroller circuits, learn to control various mechanical systems, and complete a major design project. Your second year will be hands on. You will spend many hours each week in the lab designing, assembling and testing your projects, most of the time working as part of team.

Following your second year, you will take part in a required four- to-eight-month co-op term(s). Working for a manufacturing company, high-tech firm, a large corporation, or perhaps a small consulting firm, you will have the opportunity to hone your engineering skills, and get paid for it. And then you will transfer to the University of Victoria in third year to complete your degree.

Year Two courses
Year 2 – Fall Semester
SENG 1210 Programming for Engineers 2
EPHY 2200 Electrical Properties of Materials
EPHY 2950 Engineering Fundamentals
MATH 2650 Calculus 3 for Engineers
PHYS 2150 Circuit Analysis
One Complementary studies elective (Electrical Engineering stream) or one Natural Science elective (Computer Engineering stream)
Year 2  – Winter Semester
CENG 2030 Introduction to Signal Processing
ENGR 2000 Engineering Design III
EPHY 2300 Digital and Semiconductor Electronics
MATH 2670 Calculus 4 for Engineering
PHYS 2250 Intermediate Electromagnetism
CENG 2010 Computer Architecture & Assembly Lanuage