TRU Science

Year One

Students come to TRU to study engineering because of the quality of instruction that is provided, its excellent facilities, and its innovative curriculum. Your first year at TRU will be a foundation year that is common to all engineering disciplines. You will study mathematics, physics, and chemistry, as well as topics specific to engineering such as engineering mechanics, drafting, computer programming, and engineering design. In addition, you will have the opportunity to hone your design, trouble-shooting, and fabrication skills during two major projects.

Following your first year, you will have the option of continuing at TRU for a second year to study electrical or computer engineering, or transfer to UBC or UVic in any of their engineering disciplines.

Year one courses
Year 1  – Fall Semester
APSC 1200 Introduction to Engineering
COMP 1520 Principles of Software Development
DRAF 1520 Engineering Graphics
ENGL 1100** Introduction to University Writing
EPHY 1150 Physics for Engineers 1
MATH 1130 Enriched Calculus 1
MATH 1300 Linear Algebra for Engineers
Year 1  – Winter Semester
EPHY 1250 Physics for Engineers 2
EPHY 1700 Engineering Mechanics 1
EPHY 1990 Introduction to Engineering Measurements
CHEM 1520*** Principles of Chemistry
MATH 1230 Enriched Calculus 2
Complementary Studies (3 credits)*

* Students planning to transfer to UVIC in all disciplines must take CMNS 1290 for their complementary studies.

* UBC approved complementary studies courses include ARCH 1110, 1190, and 1210; ECON 1900, and 1950; ENGL 1110; GEOG 2110 and 2220; HIST 1030, 1120, 1220, and 1260; PHIL 1110 and 1210; POLI 1110 and 1210; PSYC 1110 and 1210; SOCI 1110.

** Students who do not have Chemistry 12 (or equivalent) are  required to take CHEM 1500 instead of ENGL 1100 during the fall semester, and take ENGL 1100  instead of a complementary studies elective during the winter semester. These students will not complete all requirements in year 1 but may still be eligible to transfer

*** Students planning to transfer in Software Engineering at UVic should take COMP 1230 in their winter semester instead CHEM 1520