Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Grade Scale

Thompson Rivers University uses the following grade system:

Letter Grade Grade Value Point Definition Percentage Range
A+ 4.33 Excellent 90 - 100%
A 4.00 Excellent 85 - 89%
A- 3.67 Excellent 80 - 84%
B+ 3.33 Good 77 - 79%
B 3.00 Good 73 - 76%
B- 2.67 Good 70 - 72%
C+ 2.33 Satisfactory 65 - 69%
C 2.00 Satisfactory 60 - 64%
A grade of 60% or better is required for successful completion
C- 1.67 Pass 55 - 59%
D 1.00 Minimal Pass 50 - 54%
F 0.00 Unsatisfactory Below Below 50%
DNC Did Not Complete
W Withdrawal

Failing to complete the course within eight months of registration will automatically result in a grade of DNC. Should additional time be required, you may request in writing to the Coordinator of Distance Education for Faculty of Science at TRU for a one time only three month extension. This must be done in the 8 month course timeframe. Once a grade of DNC is issued no consideration will be given.

If you receive a failing grade, you may immediately request in writing for an optional "one time only" re-write within a three month period with permission of instructor. A maximum of either one rewrite or extension will take place.

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