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Asthma Educators' Certificate and Certified Respiratory Educators programs are temporarily suspended for new admissions.

Course Number Course Name Print CD
Web Onsite Clinical
ASHS 4610 Client-Centred Approach to Asthma
ASHS 4620 Concepts in Asthma
ASHS 4630 Asthma Management Planning
ASHS 4710 Client-Centred Approach to COPD Care
ASHS 4720 Concepts in the Management of COPD
AWCP 1700 General Level (Theory)
AWCP 1710 Advanced Level (Theory)
AWCP 0500 Animal Care
AWCP 0510 Safety in the Workplace
AWCP 0520 Humane Education
AWCP 0530 Small Animal Care
AWCP 0540 Large Animal Care
AWCP 0550 Humane Education - Advanced
AWCP 0560 Advanced Legal Issues