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Bachelor of Science (Major in Computing Science)

The BSc Major in Computing Science is a four-year degree program that provides students with a broad training in science (concentrated in the first two years), and then a thorough training in computing science (concentrated in the last two years). Graduates will then be well qualified for a wide range of employment opportunities, for further study in advanced degrees and for research positions. A cooperative education option is available for the Major in Computing Science.

The first two years of all BSc programs at TRU (the pre-degree years) focus on providing scientific breadth, enhancing communication skills — oral, written and computer — and completion of in-depth pre-requisite courses for the specific degree. Currently students enter the BSc program at TRU at the end of their second year of study. A student in full time study would normally have completed 60 credits by this time, but entry to the program can formally take place after the completion of 48 credits. The degree component (the final 60 credits) would normally be completed in two years (four academic semesters) of full time study, although completion of the degree on a part time basis will be an option. Graduates will be able to draw upon their general and specific scientific knowledge, and the analytical and research skills that they learn as an integral part of the degree program.

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BSc Major in Computing Science program structure and requirements

Years 1 and 2
1 COMP 1130 Computer Programming 1
2 COMP 1230    Computer Programming 2
3 COMP 2130 Introduction to Computer Systems
4 COMP 2230 Data Structure, Algorithm Analysis and Design    
5 COMP 2160 Mobile -I
6 COMP 2680 Website Design and Development
7 COMP 2210 Programming Methods
8 COMP 2920 Software Architecture and Design
9 MATH 1700 Discrete Structures
10 SCIENCE BIOL 1110 or 1210 or GEOL 1110 or 2050
11 CHEM CHEM 1500
12 & 13 ENGL ENGL 1100 OR 1110
Any two ENGL 1100, 1110, 1120, 1140, 1210
14 & 15 MATH 1130/1230 or 1140/1240
16 MATH MATH 2120
17 PHYS PHYS 1100 or 1150
18 STAT 2000 Statistics
19 CMNS CMNS 2290 or 2300
20   General Electives
21   General Electives
Years 3 and 4
1 COMP 3260    Computer Network Security
2 COMP 3270 Computer Networks
3 COMP 3410 Operating Systems
4 COMP 3450 Human Computer Interaction
5 COMP 3540 Advance Web Design and Programming   
6 COMP 3610 Database Systems
7 COMP 3710 Artificial Intelligence
8 COMP 3520 Software Engineering
9 COMP 4910 Computer Science Project
10 COMP XXXX 3000-4000 Level Computing Elective
11 COMP XXXX 3000-4000 Level Computing Elective
12 COMP XXXX 3000-4000 Level Computing Elective
13 COMP XXXX 3000-4000 Level Computing Elective
14 COMP XXXX 3000-4000 Level Computing Elective
15   Non-Science Elective
16   Non-Science Elective
17   Non-Science Elective
18   Non-Science/General Elective Open
19   General Elective Open Upper Level
20   General Elective Open Upper Level