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Please note: Prior to public adoption appointments, animals may already be adopted or show adoption pending within the TRU AHT community.


Joey - Adopted

Joey is a friendly 1 year old short hair brown tabby.  He loves to play but is good to relax on his own as well.  He is very smart and has even been taught to do a cat agility course.  Joey would do best in a home where he is the only pet and he has space to roam and explore.  He can be gentle but also can be quite rough so therefore would prefer a home with older children that respect his space.



Jack - Adopted

Jack is a handsome 10 year old, medium haired fellow who loves to be brushed regularly. He has a great personality and is quite willing to have a good chat with you.  Loves attention and a good scratch but is also quite content to sit and look out the window.  He is very good with dogs and may tolerate another feline friend.  Jack would benefit a quieter environment with older children. 



Lucy - Adopted

Lucy is a pretty 3 year old female medium haired kitty with a pearly pink nose and a big personality.  She is very friendly and affectionate but likes a quiet space.  Lucy does not seem to be fond of other cats or dogs and would be best suited to a quieter home. 



Burt - Adopted

Burt is a 4 year old medium haired male.  He is very friendly and loves to be around people.  He seeks out attention and is very chatty.  Burt gets along with other cats but has not been introduced to dogs.  He is a big cat and is uneasy being carried so he may not tolerate small children that would want to pick him up.  Burt has been harness trained and enjoys going for walks around the halls of our building.


Coco - Adopted

Coco is a sweet female 2 year old spayed, short haired brown tabby.  She is very independent but will let you know when she wants attention.  She gets along with cats but have not introduced her to dogs so we are unsure how she would be.  Coco would be best suited in a home with older children that would respect her space.


Cricket - Adopted

Cricket is a lovely, senior (12+) female calico with medium hair with a very laid back personality.  She loves attention and is quite affectionate but is happy to find a place to curl up and enjoy a good nap.  Cricket does not really pay much attention to other cats and she has not had the opportunity to be tested with dogs.  She would benefit in a quieter home for her retirement years.


Elvis - Adopted

Elvis is a large, 3 year old, short-haired gentleman who has a friendly and affectionate personality.  He loves attention and is quite relaxed and laid back but does not like dogs and is quite fearful around them.  Elvis is harness trained and loves to explore new areas.


Gus - Adopted

Gus is a large 2 year old male love bug!  He loves to cuddle and receive affection.  He is very treat motivated and has already learned some fun things.  Gus gets along well with cats but has not been introduced to dogs.  He would probably be okay with older children.


Harlea - Adopted

Harlea is an 8 year old medium haired female brown tabby.  She is very friendly and affectionate and loves to snuggle and sleep on your lap.  She does not seem to be bothered by low energy, respectful dogs and seems to get along with most cats.



Latte - Adopted

Latte is a shy 1 year old male short hair brown tabby.  He is well suited to a home that is quiet and an owner with patience as he can be stand-offish and scared in new environments.  Once Latte warms up to you, he will love the affection and attention his owner has to give.  He likes other cats but unsure how he would be with a dog or children with his fear of fast movements and loud noises.


Leo - Adopted

Leo is a 7 month old very friendly, short haired male.  He is very curious about new environments and loves to explore.  He is great with other cats but is a bit hesitant with dogs but with a proper introduction, he would be great.  He is harness trained.  With his playful and easy going personality that would do great with children.


Linx - Adopted

Linx is a strikingly beautiful grey 5 year old female, medium hair with a great personality.  She loves to be brushed and is very affectionate and friendly.  She seems to tolerate other cats but isn't overly playful with them.  Lynx has not had much exposure to dogs and we are unsure how she would be with them.



Olympia - Adopted

Olympia is a 1 year old short haired muted calico.  She is very affectionate and has a purring motor that goes all the time!  Olympia tends to be quite busy and curious about her surroundings but is happy to sit ad receive cuddles too.  She is a bit nervous in new spaces and will hide in corners or small spaces until she is comfortable.  She has seen other cats but has not had the opportunity to interact with them yet and is unknown around dogs.  Olympia likes to play and probably would do well in a home with children that respect her space.


Pearl - Adopted

Pearl is a 7 month old short-haired grey tabby.  She is super affectionate and loves cuddles.  She is developing her curiosity for toys and playing with other cats.  With a slow patient introduction, she may be okay with dogs.  Pearl is a bit nervous with loud noises and fast movements, so she may be best suited in a home with no children.


Rosie - Adopted

Rosie is a super sweet 6 month old short-haired cutie.  She is very confident, playful, and friendly and loves cuddles.  She has never be around dogs but presumably with her curiosity, she would do well.  Rosie loves to play with cats and would be well suited for a home with children.


Sapphire - Adopted

Sapphire is a beautiful long-haired 7 month old tortoise shell.  She is very friendly and is happy to sit on your lab for hours over playtime but still enjoys room to roam.  Sapphire has not been introduced to dogs so it is unknown how she would be with them.  We have not found a cat that Sapphire does not like.  She would be good in a home with children that are respectful of her.


Shadow - Adopted

Shadow is a large 4 year old longhaired snuggle bug.  He loves a good cuddle and even will drool when he is really happy.  He seems to be pretty good with cats and is quite curious about dogs but has not met any yet.  Shadow might be best suited in a home with older children as he is not a fan of loud noises and will let you know when he is uncomfortable.


Tommy - Adopted

Tommy is a very large 4 year old short-hair orange/white tabby.  He is very affectionate and loves attention but is clear when he just wants his alone time.  Tommy is good with cats but has not been introduced to dogs yet.  He gets nervous with lots of handling so may not be well suited in a home with young children.


Wally - Adopted

Wally is a large talkative 2 year old brown tabby.  He loves attention and is quite the explorer.  Wally seems very tolerant so he may be okay in a home with children and is good with dogs.  He gets along well with other cats as well.


Zuzu - Adopted

Zuzu is a 3 year old calico medium hair with the utmost personality.  She can be very shy and nervous at first but with lots of patience and time spent with her, she comes around and is quite a sweet girl.  Zuzu loves head scratches!  It is unknown how she is with dogs and she does not really like other cats but will tolerate them.  With her shy and nervous demeanor, she would not be a good candidate in a home with children or a fast-paced environment.