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Environmental Science Seminar Series


13 March 2020: Given the current and rapidly developing situation with COVID-19 in BC and across the country, the remaining seminars in the Environmental Sciences Seminar Series have been cancelled. The three remaining seminars, which were scheduled for March 19 and 26 and April 2, will not be held.  We hope to see you all again at the ESSS next September.


Environmental Science is a broad, interdisciplinary field that attempts to understand and solve environmental problems, integrating the diversity of elements involved, including: biology, natural resource sciences, geography, politics, history, philosophy, economics, mathematics, geology, tourism, sociology, anthropology, journalism, chemistry, physics, and education. Seminars are on Thursdays from 4 to 4:50 p.m. in S203, unless otherwise indicated. Everyone is welcome!

You may also be interested in another seminar series, the Faculty of Science seminars.

Schedule for Winter 2020

Thursdays from 4 to 4:50 p.m. in S203

Also view the seminar abstracts

Date       Presenter                                              Title                                                                       

January 23

Dr Jennifer Psyllakis

BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development (FLNRO)

New paradigms in resource management and how training should respond

January 30 No seminar
February 6

Richard Klafki

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Results you can walk on: How the Nature Conservancy of Canada uses environmental science and research to achieve on-the-ground conservation success
February 13

Dr Garrett Whitworth


Can an industrial byproduct be beneficially reused to enhance agriculture crop production and reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere?
February 20
READING WEEK - No seminar

February 27

Dr Joe Nocera

Univ. of New Brunswick

Home to roost: Understanding how Chimney Swifts use roosts in order to conserve them

March 5

3 - 7 PM

TRU MSc students

MSc Showcase

Note: this event will be held in the Food Training Court cafeteria, 3:00 PM

March 12

Dr Josie Vayro


Adventures in primatology 
March 19


Dr Cory Sheffield

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Canada’s Bees: Diversity, ecology, and conservation status
March 26


Dr Francois Haman

Univ. of Ottawa 

Survival in the cold: Not one size fits all
April 2


Dr Vikram Misra

Univ. of Saskatchewan

Bats and emerging diseases: Are we the cause of viruses spilling over from bats to other animals?