TRU Science

Environmental Science Seminar Series

Winter 2022

Seminars are held on Thursdays from 4 - 5 PM

Most seminars will be held in person on the TRU campus, in room S203.

Note that, due to COVID restrictions, only TRU students, faculty and staff are allowed to attend the seminars in person on campus. Whenever possible, ESSS seminars will also be streamed online for those who cannot attend in person. Seminars will be streamed using the BlueJeans platform. All streamed seminars can be accessed using the following link:




Recorded seminar

Jan 27

Dr Vikram Misra, Univ. of Saskatchewan

Bats and emerging diseases: Are we the cause of viruses spilling over from bats to other animals

Feb 3

Dr Simone Booker, TRU

Changing North Atlantic water masses deciphered using carbon and nitrogen isotopes from a deep-sea coral in the Gulf of Maine: a 211 year record


Feb 10

Dr Jeff McDonnell, Univ. of Saskatchewan

Perceptual models in hydrology: Past, present and future


Feb 17

Dr Cory Sheffield, Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Canada’s bees: Diversity, ecology, and conservation status


Feb 24




Mar 3

3 PM

MSc students

MSc Showcase

Food Training Court cafeteria, 3:00 PM


Mar 10




Mar 17

Dr Douglas Booth, TRU

The voice of Bondi: An autobiography of a beach


Mar 24

Dr. Frantz Le Devedec, Avicanna Inc., Ontario

Cannabis and waste: Another "green" opportunity


Mar 31

Dr Lauch Fraser, TRU

What goes up must come down: How productivity relates to species diversity


Apr 7

Dr Peter Tsigaris, TRU