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Chemistry Contest

TRU Chemistry Contest for CHEM 11 and CHEM 12 Students

The 2020 TRU Chemistry Contests have been cancelled. We will return next year with the contests on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.


How's your chemistry?

Since May 1997 TRU (UCC) has been offering annual written tests as a Chemistry Contest based on the BC chemistry curriculum for Chemistry 11 and Chemistry 12 students.

Local CHEM 11 students can also participate with our Laboratory Experience at TRU!

Check it out and win prizes!

Direction for students traveling to Kamloops: Day's schedule and campus map

  • Students: consult your teacher about participating
  • Chemistry 11 students: If you are near Kamloops, you may also request to write the contest at and take part in the Chemistry Laboratory Experience!
TRU Kamloops Doug Bickley 250-372-9708 250-828-5450
  • Teachers: if you have not received information in previous years please contact us

Samples of previous contests are available below as pdf files:

This contest is being supported by Thompson Rivers University, the Association of the Chemical Profession of BC and the BC Science Teachers Association.

TRU Chemistry Outreach
BC Science Teachers Association

There are a number of other Chemistry tests available for high school students to participate in. You may find information by accessing the links below:

  • Canadian Chemistry Contest: designed for the the top 10% of students in high school chemistry who are in grade 12 chemistry or who have completed grade 12 chemistry
  • Canadian Chemistry Olympiad: for the very top high school chemistry students who are in grade 12 chemistry or who have completed grade 12 chemistry, used to select team for International Chemistry Olympiad
  • Avagadro Exam: for any students completing their first high school chemistry course (grade 11)
  • Chem 13 News Exam: used to select candidates for University of Waterloo scholarships

The 2018 Contests

The 2018 contests were held on Wednesday, May 16th with prizes being awarded to the top students at each grade level, and the top student from each school. 

For a complete list of winning schools and accompanying pictures, go to 2018 TRU Chemistry Contest Results