TRU Science

Program Description

The MSc in Environmental Science is a thesis-based degree. Because of our broad range of expertise, TRU is superbly positioned to train students to approach specific sub-disciplines using techniques ranging from molecular techniques to ecosystem ecology to policy, management, and ethical considerations.


The MSc degree in Environmental Science requires the completion of 28 credit hours, including: four required courses, and an independent research project culminating in a thesis. The required courses are the backbone of our program, where faculty and students from many disciplines analyze and discuss environmental issues from different perspectives.

Required courses
ENVS 5100 Environmental Science I: History, Philosophy and Concepts (3 credits)
ENVS 5200 Environmental Science II: Conducting Science (3 credits)
ENVS 5300 Environmental Science: Topics and Case Studies (2 credits)
ENVS 5400 Environmental Science: Dissemination and Outreach (2 credits)
ENVS 5990 Thesis ; Masters Thesis must be completed under the direct supervision of your Thesis Supervisor (18 Credits)