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MSc Showcase

New This Year!
Virtual Masters of Science in Environmental Science Showcase 
March 4, 11, 18, 25

The Showcase takes place over four Thursdays this year. We invite faculty, fellow students and the general public to attend. The purpose is to allow first and second year MSc graduate students the opportunity to showcase their work to the TRU and Kamloops communities. 

March 4 and 11 (4-5 pm) - Oral Presentations: First-year MSc ENVS students provide a 4-minute talk on their research
March 18 and 25 (4-5 pm) - Poster Presentations: Second-year MSc ENVS students provide a 4-minute talk on their poster.  

Thursday, March 4 (4-5 pm) - Showcase Oral Presentations -

Peter Barsevskis Mark Paetkau    Avalanche Mechanics with the Blade Hardness Gauge  Abstract
Jordyn Bogetti Courtney Mason The Importance of Designed Species at Risk Legislation for BC  Abstract
Michelle Boham Yana Nec Visualization of Ideal Gas Flow in a Porous Medium: Broken Axial Symmetry  Abstract
Nicholas Coutu Joanna Urban and John Church Can High-Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabis Protect Against COVID-19?  Abstract
Nate Dungey Lauch Fraser Restoration of a Disturbed Semi-Arid Grassland Using Priority Effects and Soil Amendments to Promote Native Plant Communities and Prevent Invasion by Exotic Species  Abstract
Rory Fogarty Karl Larsen Forestry, Fire and Fur: Understanding the Factors Behind the Decline of a Fisher (Pekania pennanti) Population in Central British Columbia  Abstract

Thursday, March 11 (4-5 pm) - Showcase Oral Presentations -

Lara Hirowatari John Church Wagyu Beef Production in Canada, Grading and Diet Effects  Abstract
Chloe Howarth Karl Larsen Variation in Western Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus) Migratory Tactics in British Columbia  Abstract
Brandon Makar Darryl Carlyle-Moses and Tom Pypker Stemflow and Stemflow Infiltration Area for Ponderosa Pine in a Semi-Arid Environment  Abstract
Breanne McAmmond Jon Van Hamme Proteins Produced by a Vermicompost Bacterium During the Breakdown of Toxic Fluorinated Chemicals  Abstract
Paul McGregor Peter Tsigaris British Columbia Wildfires - Social-Ecological Costs as a Function of Fire Weather  Abstract
Camille Roberge Karl Larsen Are Cutblocks Affecting Moose Nutrition?  Abstract
Emalee Vandermale Courtney Mason Social Dynamics of Ecological Protection: Exploring Indigenous-led Conservation and Food Security in Fort Providence, Northwest Territories  Abstract

Thursday, March 18 (4-5 pm) - Showcase Poster Presentations -

Abhishek Baral Yana Nec Modeling Turbulence in Landfill Gas Flow: Ingress into a Horizontal Well  Abstract/Poster
Sarah Bayliff Lauch Fraser Examining the Effects of Irrigation, Fertilization, and Mowing on Plant Productivity and Soil Carbon Levels of Perennial Cropping Systems  Abstract/Poster
Jesse Biddlecombe Mark Rakobowchuk The Influence of Prolonged Sitting with Brief Hourly Stair Climbing on Postprandial Circulating Microvesicles  Abstract/Poster
Kyley Drach Heidi Huttunen-Hennelly Chemical Exposure and Reproductive Health  Abstract/Poster
Kristi Gordon Lauch Fraser Testing Management-Intensive Cattle Grazing as a Restoration Tool in Semi-Arid Rangelands  Abstract/Poster

Thursday, March 25 (4-5 pm) - Showcase Poster Presentations -

Zhi Chao (Michelle) Guo Kingsley Donkor The Environmental Potential Use of Nutrient-Rich Ash Residuals as a Fertilizer in Agricultural Soil Abstract/Poster
Wendy Margetts Brian Heise Smallmouth, Big Problem: Invasions of Bass in Cultus Lake, BC  Abstract/Poster
Ted Morton Courtney Mason The Challenges of Mountain Bike Tourism Development in Rural and Indigenous Communities  Abstract/Poster
Jade Spruyt Karl Larsen Effectiveness of Road Mortality Mitigation for At-Risk Snakes in British Columbia  Abstract/Poster
Brandon Williams Lauch Fraser Reclamation and Reconciliation: Using Traditional Indigenous Knowledge of Prescribed Fire to Repair Ecosystems and Relationships  Abstract/Poster
Fauve Garson Courtney Mason More Than Just a Meal: Investigating Inequalities in the Kamloops Food System  Abstract/Poster