TRU Science

MSc Showcase

Masters of Science in Environmental Science Showcase 
March 3 and 10, 2022

The 13th Annual MSc Showcase will be taking place over two Thursdays this year. We invite faculty, fellow students and the general public to attend. The purpose is to allow first and second year MSc graduate students the opportunity to showcase their work to the TRU and Kamloops communities. 

March 3 (4-5:30 pm) in S203 - Oral Presentations: First-year MSc ENVS students provide a 4-minute talk on their research. This will also be running live virtually using bluejeans. The link to access the live talks is: this is a live event only and will not be recorded.
March 10 (4-6 pm) in OLARA Student Collaboration Space - Poster Presentations: Second-year MSc ENVS students students will have their posters on display.  You can drop by at any point between 4 to 6 to walk around, look at posters, and ask questions

Thursday, March 3, 2022 (4-5:30 pm) - Showcase Oral Presentations - S203

Student Thesis Supervisor(s) Committee Members Title 
Adetola Ajayi  P. Tsigaris, L. Fraser   J. Wood Invasive species on British Columbia's Grasslands: A Policy Valuation for Control
Behnaz Bahroudi L. Fraser W. Gardner, T. Pypker, B. Lewis Topsoil-Till Cover Depths: Influence on Hydraulic Infiltration Rates for Reclaimed Tailings Facilities
Shesley Callison-Hanna L. Fraser W. Gardner, R. McCormick, D. Walkem Planning for the Future Climate: Using Native Plant Species for Mining Reclamation 
Cassandra Doolaege J. Church J. Urban, N. Ramroop Singh Targeted metabolomic profiling to discover fertility biomarkers in seminal plasma and blood serum of beef bulls
Serena Girard M. Mehta W. Gardner, C. Mason Plant-Based Foods and Sustainability: Perceptions of Consumers and Stakeholders in British Columbia
Natalie Maslowski J. Harvey, K. Hoffman M. Flannigan, L. Fraser Ecological effects of repeat wildfires on Montane Forests in British Columbia
Veronica McKelvey K. Larsen L. Isacc, D. Carlyle-Moses The chamber of secrets; uncovering the overwintering dynamics of snakes
Oluwayomi Modamori M. Tawhid, E. Mohammed M. Shaikh, Y. Yan Deep Learning Model for Wildfire Prediction
Alex Prudhomme B. Heise J. Sorensen, D. Carlyle-Moses We dislike big bass and we cannot lie: predatory interactions and methods of suppression for invasive smallmouth bass in Riding Mountain National Park
Lily Ragsdale K. Larsen W. Gardner, L. Isaac  Movement and survival of two at-risk snake species following a disturbance in the Lac du Bois grasslands
Shohreh Sahebi D. Hill W. Gardner, M. Rahman Multi-scale spatial image analysis for mapping Spotted Knapweed in grassland ecosystem
Aida Sajid P. Tsigaris S. Barragan, T. Kading Transformative Drivers of Environmental Sustainability in Contemporary Organizations: The Potential Impact of the Paris Agreement
Mehrdad Sepehri Y. Nec R. Brewster, R. Kleiv Controlling surface flux in landfill-well coupled flow in perforated horizontal wells
Leona Shepherd  M. Flannigan W. Gardner, J. Harvey Altered fire regimes: Using models to investigate future wildfire potential in British Columbia
Gillian Spencer  L. Fraser J. Karakatsoulis, T. Pypker, J. Church The post-harvest effect on the growth of Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia) on the perimeter of harvested strips
Meiyi Xiao L. Fraser W. Gardner, K. Donkor, L. Weber Ploughe The use of biosolids to restore native plant communities in semi-arid grassland

Thursday, March 10, 2022 (4-6 pm) - Showcase Poster Presentations - OLARA Student Collaboration Space  

Student  Thesis Supervisor(s) Committee Members Title
Peter Barsevskis M. Paetkau R. Taylor, I. Stewart-Patterson Avalanche Mechanics with the Blade Hardness Gauge
Jordyn Bogetti C. Mason           K. Larsen, J. Vayro At risk or dismissed?: The development of species at risk legislation in British Columbia
Michelle Boham Y. Nec R. Taylor, M. Paetkau, H. Huttunen-Hennelly When an exact formula is not enough: the counter-intuitive nature of gas flow in anisotropic porous media
Merieme Boutaib M. Paetkau T. Pypker, J.Gu  Characterization of different granular materials using the blade hardness gauge
Nicholas Coutu J. Urban, J. Church K. Donkor Can CBD dominant Cannabis sativa formulationsmodulate ACE2 expression in COVID-19 gateway tissues
Nate Dungey L. Fraser W. Gardner, J. Church Restoration of a disturbed semi-arid grassland using priority effects and soil amendments to promote native plant communities and prevent invasion by exotic species
Rory Fogarty K. Larsen D. Hill, D. Hodder, R. Weir Forestry, fire, and fur: Understanding the factors driving the decline of an endangered mesocarnivore in central BC
Lara Hirowatari J. Church  J. Urban, D. Prema Hydroponic grass-fed Wagyu beef production in Canada
Chloe Howarth K. Larsen C. Bishop, D, Hill, J. Tomal Understanding variation in Western Rattlesnake migratory tactics in British Columbia
Brandon Makar  D. Carlyle-Moses, T. Pypker W. Gardner, D. Carlyle Moses, T. Pypker Stemflow and Stemflow Infiltration Areas for Isolated Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa Doug. Ex C. Law.) in a Semi-Arid Setting
Breanne McAmmond   J. Van Hamme Y. Yan, E. Bottos Proteins produced by a vermicompost bacterium during the breakdown of toxic fluorinated chemicals
Paul McGregor P. Tsigaris D. Hill, J. Karakatsoulis British Columbia Wildfires—Natural Capital Costs and Fire Weather
Camille Roberge K. Larsen W. Gardner, L. Fraser, D. Oaten Does timber harvesting affect moose nutrition?
Emalee Vandermale C. Mason N. Clark, D. Booth Gardens and Guardians: Growing sustainable strategies to environmental change and food security issues in rural Northwest Territories