Environmental Science Seminar Series

Environmental Science is a broad, interdisciplinary field that attempts to understand and solve environmental problems, integrating the diversity of elements involved, including: biology, natural resource sciences, geography, politics, history, philosophy, economics, mathematics, geology, tourism, sociology, anthropology, journalism, chemistry, physics, and education. Seminars are on Thursdays from 4 to 4:50 p.m. in S203, unless otherwise indicated. Everyone is welcome!

You may also be interested in another seminar series, the Faculty of Science seminars.

Schedule for Fall 2019

Thursdays from 4 to 4:50 p.m. in S203

Also view the seminar abstracts

Date            Presenter                                                 Title                                                                       
September 26 Dr. Kristen Hannam (Agriculture & Agrifood Canada, Summerland)
Climate, crops, soil – How might climate change alter the crops we grow and the soils in which we grow them?
October 3 Laura Ploughe (TRU) Global change and the impact on plant communities and ecosystem processes
October 10 Dr. Lisa Zabek (Ministry of Agriculture) TBA (Agroforestry)
October 17 Dr. Guus Bakkeren (Agriculture & Agrifood Canada, Summerland) Approaches to effectively use pathogenomics for wheat crop protection against rusts
October 24 Andy Derocher (University of Alberta) Climate change and polar bear life history vulnerabilities
October 31 James Cahill (University of Alberta) Notes from underground: A behavioural perspective of plant foraging
November 7 Moro Akin-Fajiye (TRU) TBA (Invasive species)
November 14 Jabed Tomal (TRU), and Jan Cibor (University of Calgary) TBA (Ecological breakpoint modelling)
November 21 John Woods (Parks Canada) Echoes of the Ice Age: Diversity in BC’s Canada Jays