TRU Science


The faculty members listed below are eligible to supervise graduate students in the Master of Science in Data Science. They may be contacted directly to discuss potential opportunities for studying under their supervision.

Note:  Only students choosing the thesis option require a supervisor prior to their application to the program.

NameDepartmentResearch Interest
Rick Brewster Mathematics and Statistics Discrete mathematics, theoretical Computing Scienceence, computational complexity, graph theory, polynomial time algorithms and good characterizations
John Church Natural Resource Science Sustainability of cattle industry, range management, meat production, beef production
Haytham El Miligi Computing Science Mobile application development; multi-core real-time system; 3d network-on-chips modeling and optimization
Avninder Gill Management, Info and Supply Chain Business analytics, fuzzy Logics, optimization and meta-heuristics (genetic algorithms and simulated annealing) in supply chain, operations and other business areas
Claudia Gonzalez Psychology Using physiological data including brain activity, eye tracking, body kinematics and other physiological measures, to investigate human behavior and the links with brain function across human populations
James Gu Architectural and Engineering Technology Reliability and probability analysis, numerical modeling of engineering systems, disaster resilient built environments, etc.
Safwat Hassan Software Engineering Machine Learning for Software Engineering, Mining Software Repositories, Software Analytics, Software Performance Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, Android, DevOps
David Hill Geography Data mining and modeling methods, complex environmental systems problems, fate and transport of contaminants, decision trees, artificial neural networks, etc.
Piper Jackson Computing Science Data science, computational social science, simulation, transdisciplinary research, programming languages, formal methods, gerontology, software development
Salman Kimiagari Management, Info and Supply Chain International Business and Quantitative Marketing, International Marketing, International Entrepreneurship, Market Engineering and Operation Research
Mila Kwiatkowska Computing Science Medical decision support systems, database systems and data mining, biomedical informatics
Hashim Mohamed Software Engineering Robotics & control, robot localization and mapping, filtering and estimation solutions, sensor fusion, artificial intelligence, optimization techniques, metaheuristic algorithms, evolutionary techniques, deep learning tools, modeling, simulation, data processing
Yana Nec Mathematics and Statistics Applied analysis, modelling and optimization, numerical and graphical simulation, applications in natural sciences and engineering
Catherine Ortner Psychology Multi-level modelling to analyze mouse-tracking, eye-tracking, daily diaries, and mobile application data, to assess cognitive process underlying emotion regulation choices and predictors of emotion regulation
Musfiq Rahman Computing Science Research in wireless technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), Internet of Things (IoT), smartphone applications, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), use machine learning and big data analysis to predict forest fire
Matthew Reudink Biology Ornithology, animal ecology, evolution of plumage in birds, animal behaviour
Mateen Shaikh Mathematics and Statistics Computational statistics, clustering, classification, statistical learning, machine learning, data mining, association rules, pattern recognition, visualization, longitudinal data, biostatistics, microarray analysis, next-generation sequencing analysis
Mohamed Tawhid Mathematics and Statistics Metaheuristic algorithms, inspired computing, computational intelligence, evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence and their applications to data analysis, Big Data, Operations Research, computational optimization, simulations, modelling, scientific computation
Richard Taylor Mathematics and Statistics Physical acoustics, audio engineering, loudspeaker and microphone arrays, dynamical systems and chaos, ergodic theory, numerical analysis and scientific computing
Jabed Tomal Mathematics and Statistics Statistical machine learning, big data, Bayesian statistical inference and statistical ecology
Jonathan Van Hamme Biological Sciences Environmental microbiology, biodegradation, bioremediation, pollutants, microbiology, biocatalyst
Omer Waqar Engineering and Applied Science Deep Learning for next generation communication systems, wireless powered networks, physical layer security and software-controlled metasurfaces
Yan Yan Computing Science Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Complex Network and Big Data Analysis
Roger Yu Mathematics and Statistics Graph theory, discrete optimization, data analysis, network optimization, operations research