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Career Perspectives

The demand for people with data analytics skills is very high at the present and will be even greater in the near future. In a general sense, it is estimated by Canada’s Big Data Consortium that in 2018 Canada’s overall shortage of professionals with deep analytical skills will be in the range of 14,000 to 19,000, and shortage of data literate managers and analysts will be about 150,000. The shortfall is not fulfilled yet at this day and the demand gap grows even larger.

Notes and Laptop

Employment opportunities

These opportunities for graduates are in the areas of:

  • Data scientists in large private or public organizations
  • Data analyst positions in
    • software development
    • business intelligence
    • medical/health research
    • data management
  • Strategic analysis manager positions of policy making bodies of government and organizations
  • Data architect designers of social networks, communication networks and the like